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Solar energy has ascended as the most popular choice as renewable energy source and in turn, it is Solar & Storage Live that’s garnered importance as an international exhibition for the photovoltaics industry. Organizers are welcoming more than 200 exhibitors who are going to be showcasing and presenting technologies for better energy generation, energy storage and energy management. As a specialized event, audience is set to reach 4000 professionals for the three days in UK. We can help you find the right hotel booking online in a matter of one business day and secure you money-saving deals.

Discover the custom-tailored way to business travel. There are plenty of hotels Solar & Storage Live in our database, so you can rest easy the right fit is waiting for you. Specify your budget, how many are in your party and where you want to be positioned in the city. It’s that simple and you’re freed to focus on the event itself. Solar & Storage Live has an in-depth program that takes an overview of current technological and scientific achievements. At the same time, you’re able to network with high-ranking industry representatives, government officials and more.

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