CITY: Paris

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SIMA addresses current challenges that the agribusiness faces and debuts the latest technological advancements and practices in the management of green spaces, the care for animals and plant protection. Given the wide scope, it’s no surprise that the international trade show is a big hitter. Over 238,000 industry insiders are going to be interacting with well above 1700 exhibitors in a hectic program. Don’t be the last to book your stay and look into available hotels right now. Travel 2 Fairs ltd serves as your guide to bookings for international trade shows.

SIMA maintains its healthy popularity and starling reputation through a high diversity in its product portfolio. You have the most sophisticated technological innovations across tilling, sowing, planting, tractors, power equipment, harvestry, post-harvestry, breeding equipment and handling. Not to mention the 250 live cattle on showcase. Business travel is always successful when you plan with care and that’s where Travel 2 Fairs ltd comes in. Our team works with you to reduce expenses with hotel rates in your desired price range. We also work to place you close to the exhibition grounds and connect you to public transport.