Location: Spain, Madrid
Industry: Food & Drink
Organizer: Ifema

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SALON GOURMETS 2024 will occur as a live trade exposition. The event will take place between the 22nd and 25th of April 2024 at the IFEMA - Feria de Madrid. The venue will not incorporate coronavirus precautions such as social distancing. This is because Spain has repealed its pandemic restrictions.


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Past Iterations

Salon Gourmets 2021

The event occurred as a live exhibition at IFEMA between 18-21.10.2021. It included the latest coronavirus precautions to ensure the safety of the participants. The edition featured 1 548 exhibiting firms who presented 37 000 commodities to 74 914 visitants. 

Salon Gourmets 2022

Salon Gourmets 2022 took place between 25-28.04.2022. The event took place as a live exhibition. Organisers implemented the most up-to-date coronavirus precautions to ensure the participants’ safety. Approximately 1 600 exhibiting firms showed 40 000 goods to around 70 000 trade visitants and 120 hosted vendees from 38 nations.

Salon Gourmets 2023

Salon Gourmets 2023 occurred as a live trade exposition between 17-20.04.2023. It did not include coronavirus precautions because the country repealed its pandemic restrictions. The iteration generated 200 million euros by presenting 55 000 products, including 1 500 novel ones. The wares were displayed by more than 2 000 exhibiting firms and over-viewed by 116 257 visitants.

Salon Gourmets 2024

The 37th iteration of the event was held as a live trade exposition between 22-25.04.2024. It generated a turnover of 200 000 000 EUR. This was due to the presence of 1 980 exhibiting firms who presented more than 55 000 wares, including over 1 300 novel ones. They were overviewed by 106 923 visitants.

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