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CITY: Cornwall

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Many regard the Royal Cornwall Show as one of the last true major agriculture shows in the UK and for good reason. The show is nearing its 200th year and has seen a lot of change from travelling all around Cornwall until it stopped in Wadebridge, and the slow expansion of the show to include more than animal judging and sell agricultural machinery. Today it features competitions, staple British traditions like equestrian sports, dog shows, falconry and Cornish wrestling for some local flavor. This is what the Royal Cornwall Show has come to represent – the rural Cornish economy, a continuation of traditions concerning the English way of life and a community festival.

  • The Royal Cornwall Show promises a good financial returns on your investment, because the 1000 exhibitor stands enjoy the attention of a total of more than 120,000 visitors during the three days of the show;
  • One of the most fascinating facts of the early history of the show is that it began as nothing more than a ploughing match between local farmers;
  • As a quintessential British experience, the Royal Family is bound to make an appearance and this has included both Prince Charles and Princess Alexandra.

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