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Location: Germany, Berlin
Industry: Art and Antiques
Organizer: Numismata International

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NUMISMATA Berlin 2024 will be hosted as a live trade exposition between 26-27.10.2024. The locale will not incorporate coronavirus precautions due to the repealing of the country's pandemic restrictions.


NUMISMATA Berlin travels to a new location – Berlin, Germany – and is set to represent the best in the numismatic field, from ancient coins and medals to paper currency from all over the world. The international trade fair attracts over 150 dealers from all of Europe, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Take the first step to your visit and look into where you are going to stay. Travel 2 Fairs Ltd is your guide to hotels for NUMISMATA Berlin.

You don’t want to overspend on business travel accommodation, especially when there are many other costs to consider. Stay within your optimal budget with Travel 2 Fairs ltd – your one-stop for hotel accommodation for trade fairs. You access a large network of properties in Berlin across all price categories and in every district. Booking is made as simple as pointing and choosing. That’s how to attend NUMISMATA Berlin, which impresses with its diverse line-up of bonds, coins, historical certificates, historical shares, literature, medals, paper and primitive money. You get to grow a network among seasoned and beginner collectors.

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