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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Bremen

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HanseBAU overviews and updates on current best practices and overall trends concerning the construction industry from building techniques to how to skillfully renovate with sustainability in mind. The international exhibition launches in Germany with over 400 exhibitors showcasing their latest equipment, materials and services. You can expect for a generous turnover, so get started on your search for hotels for hanseBAU and land on the best prices through Travel 2 Fairs ltd. You can have your hotel booking online as early as today with our speedy services.

HanseBAU covers the full spectrum of product categories – construction, expansion, real estate, interior design, furniture and fittings, plumbing and heating. It’s where you get a first look at cutting-edge technologies put to the test, can research what your competitors are doing and turn a new product launch into a success. Invest in your business travel first though and have Travel 2 Fairs ltd find you a place to stay. Our database has hotels, apartments and hostels in every quarter of Bremen. You receive exclusive deals targeted for your budget and needs. The process is simple and takes us a single work day to deliver results.