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Fastener Fair Stuttgart

(21 March 2023 - 23 March 2023 )
Venue: Messe Stuttgart
Location: Germany , Stuttgart

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Covid-19 Update

Fastener Fair Stuttgart will take place at Messe Stuttgart between 21.03.2023 and 23.03.2023. It will be in an in-person format with a strict COVID-19 prevention plan in place. The Safety measures for the Fastener Fair will include:

  • Messe Stuttgart will receive regular disinfection in the high-contact and sanitary areas. The showgrounds will feature hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrances and exits. The sanitary areas will include paper towel dispensers. 
  • All areas of the venue will include information about the rules of conduct. Counters, where there is contact between employees and event attendants, will feature partitions. Such include information kiosks, food catering areas and others. 
  • Lifts will have a two-people limit. Attendants should use open staircases as often as needed.
  • Attendees of the events must observe a social distance of 1.5 metres between each other. Exceptions are possible for people belonging to the same household. An exception is also possible for groups of visitors (up to 5 people) who belong to the same company. Such groups must prove that they have travelled together. Floor markings, room configurations and other measures will help in maintaining social distance.
  • Attendees can access the venue if they have a negative test, have recovered, or have a vaccination. The third document which provides access is proof of vaccination. All attendants over the age of 6 must wear face masks. 

Calling Card

Founded in 2005, Fastener Fair Stuttgart is the main event for the fastener industry. It is the main event for all specialists working in the industry and its related sectors. It provides a comprehensive overview of fixing and fastener technology. This includes industrial fasteners, fastener manufacturing technology, construction fixings, assembly, and installation systems. The Fair is the main location for professionals such as distributors and suppliers. The fair takes place at Messe Stuttgart and is among Stuttgart’s main MICE events. 

Business Profile of the Event

Fastener Fair Stuttgart is a show that attracts professionals from all industry sectors. Among them are distributors, suppliers, engineers, and manufacturers of: 

  • Construction Fixings 
  • Industrial Fixings and Fasteners 
  • Installation and Assembly Systems
  • Manufacturing Technology for Fasteners 
  • Factory, Distribution, and Storage Equipment
  • Services, Information, and Communication 

The fair additionally is where the construction, automotive, aerospace, and marine industries meet. Likewise, the electronic, and general engineering sectors gather at the fair. Specialists from the HVAC, energy generation, communication technology sectors also attend. So do the furniture manufacturing sanitary ware and plumbing industries. The fair often features companies such as A.S.F. Fischer BV, Achilles Seibert GmbH and Acton.

What is New for Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2023?

Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2023 will feature a fourth exhibition hall. The fair will as a result occupy halls 1,3,5 and 7 of Messe Stuttgart. Visitors can access the fair through the east and west entrances. 

Part of the exhibition programme will feature the Bonding & Adhesives Technology Area. The Area will be available in hall 7 of Messe Stuttgart. 

Did You Know? 

Fastener Fair Stuttgart is a trade show that helps professionals in completing goals. Such include fostering relationships with existing customers and gaining new clients. Additionally, the fair can aid in gaining recognition or increasing public relations. Attendees at the fair can launch or observe new products and technologies. 

The fair allows professionals to complete such goals through its comprehensive exhibition. The showcase allows specialists to present their latest products and services. Such include products like construction fixings, industrial fasteners, manufacturing technologies, and others. Additionally, the exhibition allows professionals to showcase services related to information, communication. They can furthermore present products related to distribution, storage, and factory equipment. 

The fair often includes dedicated areas for 1 or more sectors. One such area is the Bong & Adhesives Technology Area. It is a recent addition that provides opportunities for showcasing bonding & adhesive innovations. This includes novelties related to manufacturing and industrial applications of bonding and adhesives. The Area can be beneficial for the construction, automotive, and aerospace sectors. 

Fastener Fair Stuttgart is a must-attend for distributors, suppliers, engineers, and manufacturers. It is also a recommended event for professionals working in the following sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • HVAC / Air Conditioning /Services
  • Electronic and Electrical Goods
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • General Engineering — light/heavy
  • Sanitary Ware and Plumbing
  • Energy and Power Generation
  • Communication Technology
  • Metal Products

This includes specialists such as building surveyors, structural engineers, and plumbing contractors. Project managers, company owners, and others should likewise attend.

Your Hotel Room in Stuttgart

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Fastener Fair is a biannual event organised by Mack Brooks Exhibitions Ltd for 3 days. It takes place at Messe Stuttgart. The opening hours for the event often tend to be between 9 am and 5 pm.

Messe Stuttgart is among Stuttgart’s main event venues. It is an exhibition centre with a convenient location. Because of this, travelling to the venue from different areas in the city is easy and time-saving. For example, from the central railway station to the messe the travelling time is 40 minutes by metro. Likewise, you can reach the venue from the airport in 20 minutes when walking. 

Stuttgart is among Germany’s main tourist cities. The metropolis has a public transport network consisting of metros, trains, and buses. This promotes travelling in safety and with as little time lost in commuting as possible. For example, you can reach the Degerloch districts in 15 to 35 minutes from the city centre. Stuttgart is a city that provides a broad range of hotels and dining options. For instance, you can choose to stay at a hostel, apartment, hotel, or guest house. Dining options include restaurants providing various cuisines, bistros, bars, clubs, and markets. The metropolis has many districts where visitors can stay or dine in. Among them are the Degerloch, Stuttgart West and East areas. 

Audience and Statistics

Fastener Fair Stuttgart is a high-profile and high-attendance event. Its 2019 edition for example received 987 exhibitors and 12070 visitors. 92% of the exhibitors expresses satisfaction from taking part in the event. 91% of the visitors also considered their visit to be worth the time and effort. Trade delegates at the fair come from around 88 countries. Among them are:

  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • China 
  • Spain
  • Taiwan 
  • Netherlands
  • Great Britain 
  • France

Several industries attend the fair. Among them are the construction, aerospace, automotive, marine, electronic, and electrical goods. It also includes general engineering, HVAC/Air conditioning, and communication technology. The metal products, furniture manufacturing, energy, and power generation industry also attend. So do the metallurgy, metalworking, welding technologies, hardware tools and plumbing sectors. 




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