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(15 June 2023 - 18 June 2023 )
Venue: Exhibition Center Basel
Location: Switzerland , Basel

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Covid-19 Update

June 15th to June 18th are the new dates for Art Basel 2023. Currently, Switzerland does not have national Covid-19-related restrictions due to the improved epidemiological situation in the country. Due to such a change, the Exhibition Center Basel will not feature strict coronavirus safety measures. Attendees will be advised to follow advisory steps, such as avoiding physical forms of networking. Additionally, they will be encouraged to perform regular hand disinfection and follow the coughing/sneezing etiquette. Attendees can perform the disinfection at the stations available in strategic locations, such as the restrooms. At present, Switzerland does not have travel restrictions in place.

A Brief Look

Galleries from the four corners of the world curate modern and contemporary art to showcase at one of the world’s showstopper events – Art Basel! The international trade show highlights the skill and artistry of the biggest artists of the day as well as emerging talents. It has been doing so for nearly half a century since its first edition in 1970 and its audience coming to Messe Basel has only grown since then. Last year, saw 291 galleries showcase their treasures to an audience of 2 were international.

An Industry Profile

It’s going to take you more than the four days allotted to Art Basel to get through the sheer volume of artworks on display. Between every participating gallery, there are going to be above 4000 artists represented. Their talents encompass paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations, prints, photography, video and digital art. Another highly praised feature of the fair is the series of conversations on the global contemporary art scene. Subjects vary wildly from the expected pitfalls to producing and collecting art to the ingenious methods of preserving and exhibiting art. Who’s in attendance?  Gallerists, curators, collectors, architects, art lawyers and critics.

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Past Editions

2021 Edition

Art Basel 2021 was among the first large-scale international art fairs to take place since 2019. The edition featured vigorous sales and high-quality presentations during the period between 24.09.2021 and 26.09.201. The event took place as a hybrid event and consisted of a face-to-face exhibition and a complimenting digital platform. Art Basel Live was the digital platform which complemented the in-person fair held at Messe Basel. The in-person aspect of the event had strict COVID-19 prevention measures in place, such as the latest social distancing protocols. The online platform enhanced the reach of the participating galleries by providing them with access to a broader global audience. It also allowed visitors who could not attend in person to take part in the event. The platform provided access to features such as Online Viewing Rooms, Virtual Walkthroughs, and others.  A total of 60 000 visitors attended during the event, including 272 premier galleries from 33 countries. Presented artworks included rare and historical masterpieces, as well as new works by present emerging voices. Twenty-four new galleries joined the edition presenting cities such as Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, London, and others. All participants considered the edition a success, with reports of strong sales across all market levels. 

2022 Edition

The 2022 edition of Art Basel also took place as a hybrid event. It comprised the platform Art Basel Live and a live art fair at Messe Basel. The rendition was hosted between 16.06.2022 and 19.06.2022. Due to Switzerland removing its Covid-related restrictions in April 2022, the venue did not implement safety protocols such as social distancing. Overall, the event received 70,000 attendees, including 289 exhibiting galleries, 19 of which were newcomers, 46 speakers and over 300 attending museums and institutions. The galleries represented 40 countries from six continents.


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