Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

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CITY: Abu Dhabi

Upcoming Dates

!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus. NEW dates are announced: 23. - 29. May 2021

The Middle East sees its biggest literary event return as Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has been scheduled for mid-spring. The international trade fair for all things books and reading, where the regional and global publishing industry in the form of over 1200 publishers is going to unveil new titles, trends and technologies. Attendance is expected to stay within 165,000 visitors. That’s the kind of audience you want to exhibit in front of, so start on your business travel arrangements right now. Travel 2 Fairs ltd presents you with all exclusive deals and offers!

Abu Dhabi, UAE is far away and unfamiliar to many. It’s going to take time to research the best hotels for Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. Skip the entire process by having Travel 2 Fairs ltd deal with your online hotel reservation for trade fairs. It takes us a day to create a list with top destinations and you benefit from excellent price rates, location and access to public transport. Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is above all else a place to see the current landscape of the publishing industry by region and genre, where you can hope to connect with authors and editors.