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(23 April 2024 - 26 April 2024 )
Location: Germany , Frankfurt am Main
Organizer: Messe Frankfurt GmbH

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Techtextil Frankfurt 2024 will take place between 23.04.2024 and 26.04.2024. The event will be in a face-to-face format and will be held alongside Texprocess 2024 in Messe Frankfurt. Currently, the country does not have travel or national Covid-19-related restrictions in place. This is due to the improved epidemiological situation in the country. Event participants will be advised to follow recommendations such as wearing surgical masks in indoor areas.

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Techtextil Frankfurt is the primary event for industries that use textile products. It is the central hub for showcasing of latest innovations and market opportunities. It is an international trade show that coincides with the Texprocess trade show. The event takes place at Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It occurs once every 2 years on even-numbered years. 

Business Profile of the Event

Techtextil Frankfurt is an international trade show that attracts professionals from several industries. Among them are fashion, textile, furniture, agricultural, and construction. The landscape, apparel, and mechanical engineering additionally attend. It also attracts specialists from the chemical, electrical medical and environmental protection sectors. Waste removal, and the sport apparel sectors furthermore visit. So do logistics specialists, road construction professionals and education representatives. 

Companies that frequent the fair include Sattler Pro-Tex, Bayern Innovativ, and Schoeller Textil. YKK, KCTEX International and Zhejiang Gayon New Materials also attend. 

Did You Know? 

Techtextil Frankfurt can help professionals in achieving several goals. Among them is learning about the new trends, challenges, and innovations. Furthermore, the fair allows them to examine the latest products. Among them are high-tech fibres, smart textiles, composites, nonwovens, and functional apparel fabrics. The trade show also permits conducting business onsite and networking. Attendants can furthermore expand their specialist knowledge. They can also exchange experience and gain recognition. 

Techtextil Frankfurt has a comprehensive support programme. One of the main events is the exhibition. It is the location for showcasing various innovations. Such include manufacturing technologies, equipment, fabrics, nonwovens, and functional textiles. Attendees can additionally examine various fibres, yarns, coated textiles, and others. The exhibition includes start-ups and leading companies as exhibitors. The exhibition often includes product groups and focus zones. These feature focus areas such as: 

  • Research, development, planning, consulting

Presents the latest R&D, planning or consulting developments. The zone gathers in one location research institutes, universities, and polytechnics. Exhibitors furthermore include industrial research centres, service providers, planning and consulting companies.

  • Technology, processes, accessories

Presents the latest production processes, finishing technologies and fabric manufacturing machinery. Additionally, attendees can observe new coating, laminating, laboratory and measuring equipment. They can also examine control or monitoring methods, recycling technologies, and technical accessories. The zone furthermore presents the latest quality assurance methods. Often, the zone features new nano/microsystem technologies and textile care. Industrial fabric making-up technology is also a featured type of product. 

  • Fibres and yarns

The area is where professionals can examine various man-made yarns and fibres. This includes innovative glass fibres, yarns, and roving. It also includes metal yarns, natural fibres, monofilaments, and others. 

  • Woven fabrics, laid webs, braidings, knitted fabrics

Showcases novel woven fabrics, laid webs, braiding, tapes, strings, and cords. It also presents knitted fabrics, belts, ropes, cordage, and nets. It furthermore contains textile bonding systems, membranes, multi-layered composites, and smart textiles. Textiles made from recycled materials are also among the exhibited products. 

  • Coated textiles

Showcases the newest coated and laminated textiles. Additionally, it presents the latest tent/tarpaulin fabrics and packaging materials. Sacking, awning material, end-product manufacturing, accessories, and imitation leather are also exhibited.

  • Composites

Presents reinforced and composite textiles. Additionally, it showcases the latest prepregs, structural components and mouldings. Fibre-reinforced materials and membrane systems are also represented. So are various films, sheeting and textile-reinforced plastic for concrete. Attendees can also buy textile sheet products for lamination with solids. 

  • Bondtec

Attendees can examine novel finishing processes, adhesives, sealing and moulding materials. They can also observe laminating, coating, and raw materials. Additives, application processes and material pre-treatment methods are also exhibited. So are plastics and other hardening masses. There are furthermore exhibited adhesive mixing and application equipment and robot technologies. Additionally, attendees can examine plasma treatment and flocking methods. 

  • Functional Apparel Textiles

It presents new materials, finishing methods and various novel membranes. Also, it presents Wearable Smart Textiles (textiles that can contain electronics or sensors). The zone furthermore presents textiles for future apparel. 

  • Coated apparel textiles/Finishing/Functionalisation

This zone showcases novel nano/microsystems technologies and wearable electronics. Optical, information-/communication and testing technologies are also exhibited. The zone also contains new apparel concepts, designs, and prototypes. 

  • Nonwovens

The zone is the location for examining technical textiles and nonwovens. It contains several subdivisions each featuring a label. The labels include:

  1. Agrotech - for the latest agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and landscape gardening ideas/products. 
  2. Buildtech - nonwoven construction innovations. This includes novelties related to membrane construction, lightweight and solids structures. Also includes earthworks, hydraulic engineering, and road construction innovations. 
  3. Clothtech - the latest shoe and clothing manufacture developments. 
  4. Geotech - new road construction, civil engineering, and dam/waste site construction concepts. 
  5. Hometech - innovative furniture, upholstery, floor covering and carpet manufacturing developments. 
  6. Indutech - mechanical engineering, chemical and electrical solutions/products. 
  7. Medtech - hygiene and medical product innovations. These include novelties related to the manufacturing, processing, and application of such products. 
  8. Mobitech - the latest automobile, railway, space travel, ship, and plane construction developments. 
  9. Oekotech - new ideas/concepts related to environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling. 
  10. Packtech - goods transportation packaging and covering innovations. 
  11. Protech - the latest developments for personal and property protection. 
  12. Sporttech - the latest products and ideas related to sports and leisure.

Techtextil Frankfurt’s support programme also features the Techtextil Forum. It is where attendees can attend lectures led by leading market experts. It also contains various discussion panels and interactive sessions. These allow attendees to open dialogues with one another. Topics of interest include architecture, clothing, major trends, sustainability, and smart textiles. 

One of Techtextil’s event highlights is the Innovation Award. It can help start-ups in gaining recognition. The Award lauds innovative materials, products, technologies, and applications. It also awards exceptional ideas, visions, and concepts. Each nominated selection undergoes a strict examination by a jury of international experts. The nominations will then receive representation in a special exhibition area. On the first day of the fair, the award ceremony takes place. The Award has 6 categories:

  • New Concept
  • New Technology
  • New Material
  • New Application
  • New Product
  • Sustainable Solution

The Award winners receive several benefits. Among them is a special exhibition representation. They will also have their project published on social media channels. Furthermore, they will have their projects published in independent trade media. They additionally will may use the Innovation Award’s logo. 

The “Textile Structures for New Building” Student Competition allows students to gain recognition. It is a contest where such attendants can submit their architectural nonwoven designs. The Contest competition has several sponsors. Among them is the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design. 

Students and young companies can visit the Campus Zone. It is the location for examining education programmes. Also, it contains a Job Wall for job opportunity searchers. 

Techtextil Frankfurt is a must-attend trade show for:

  • Fashion designers
  • Agricultural engineers
  • Landscape architects
  • Construction engineers
  • Building sponsors
  • Investors
  • Road and civil engineers
  • Furniture producers
  • Interior designers and designers
  • Project planners
  • Mechanical engineering processors
  • Chemical processors 
  • Electrical processors
  • Manufacturers of medical supplies
  • Research institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Environmental protection engineers
  • Shipping and logistics companies
  • Safety engineers
  • Manufacturers of sports articles

Start-ups and students can look forward to several events. These include the exhibition, the Innovation Award, and the Campus Zone.

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Techtextil is a biannual event that takes place for 4 days at Messe Frankfurt on even years. Messe Frankfurt GmbH organises the event with visiting hours for the first 3 days being between 9 am and 6 pm. On the 4th and final day of the fair, attendees can visit between 9 am and 5 pm. 

Messe Frankfurt is an exhibition centre with extensive public transport connections. This allows you to reach the trade fair site from various transportation hubs. For example, you can access Messe Frankfurt from the central station by taking the train or a taxi. You will reach the venue within 10 minutes when travelling by taxi. The same distance will take 17 minutes when opting for a train commute. You can also walk from the central station to Messe Frankfurt. This will allow you to reach the venue in less than 35 minutes. When travelling from Frankfurt Airport, you can opt for a taxi or public transport. By taxi, you will arrive at the trade fair site in 20 minutes. Via public transport, you can travel the same distance in 50 minutes.

Frankfurt is one of Germany's most important metropolises. It has extensive rail and road connections connecting it to the rest of Germany. This makes accessing Messe Frankfurt from nearby locations easy. For example, there is a railroad between Offenburg and Frankfurt. Via this route, you can reach Frankfurt in less than two hours. Frankfurt has a range of accommodation and dining options. This includes guest houses, hotels, and apartments. Dining options feature restaurants, clubs, bars, pubs, and other eateries. If you are considering a neighbourhood to stay in, choose a district such as the Altstadt.

Audience and Statistics

Techtextil Frankfurt is a high-profile event that receives over 40,000 attendees. For instance, its 2019 edition featured 1,818 exhibitors and 47,000 visitors. Attendees represented 59 countries. Among them were Germany, China, the USA, Pakistan, Korea, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Several industries attend including fashion, medical, chemical, electrical, automotive and construction. The agricultural, horticulture, landscape, architecture, road, and civil engineering ones also attend. As do furniture production and mechanical engineering. Universities and research institutes attended the fair as well. The hospital, environmental protection, logistics and sports article manufacturing sectors furthermore visit.

Past Editions

Techtextil Frankfurt is a trade show that often excels participant expectations. For instance, its 2019 edition featured the special event “Urban Living – City of the Future”. It included the presentation of textile applications involving functional apparel with smart functions. Another novelty was the Techtextil Forum, where attendees could exchange ideas and information. The rendition, furthermore, included a new digital job exchange of the Texexpertise Network. This allows attendants to learn about internships, thesis projects and vacant job positions. 

The 2022 edition of Techtextil coincided with Texprocess 2022 and the Heimtextil Summer Special. The events marked the successful restart of the global textile industry after a Covid-19-induced hiatus. They featured many highlights including the Forums, Special Show and Innovation Awards. 91% of the visitors were pleased with their participation in the event because of the high-quality support programme and the available opportunities. The fairs were held in Messe Frankfurt as hybrid events between 21.06.2022 and 24.06.2022. They received around 63,000 visitors and 2,300 exhibitors from 117 countries. The venue did not feature strict Covid-19 safety measures because of the country removing the related national restrictions in April 2022.


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