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Techtextil Frankfurt 2026

(21 April 2026 - 24 April 2026 )
Organizer: Messe Frankfurt GmbH

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Techtextil Frankfurt 2026 will occur between the 21st and 24th of April 2026. The event will be in a live trade exhibition format. It will be held alongside Texprocess 2026 in Messe Frankfurt.


Techtextil Frankfurt is the primary event for industries that use textile products. It is the central hub for showcasing the latest innovations and market opportunities. It is an international trade show that coincides with the Texprocess trade show. The event takes place biannually and on even-numbered years in Messe Frankfurt once. Techtextil is a must-attend trade show for various specialists. Examples include fashion designers, engineers, landscape architects and building sponsors. This also incorporates furniture manufacturers, interior decorators, processors, and medical supply manufacturers. Similarly, it includes research institutions, hospitals, logistics companies, and sports articles manufacturers. Techtextil Frankfurt am Main receives over 40,000 attendees. For instance, one edition featured 1 818 exhibitor firms and 47 000 visitants. Attendees represented 59 countries, including Germany, China, the United States, and Nepal.

About Techtextil

Frankfurt Techtextil Germany features a comprehensive support programme. This enables the completion of business goals, such as learning about new trends. One of the main events is the exhibition. It is the location for showcasing various innovations. Such include manufacturing technologies, equipment, fabrics, nonwovens, and functional textiles. Attendees can also examine fibres, yarns, and others. The exhibition features start-ups and leading companies as exhibitors. The exposition often includes product groups and focus zones. Such include Research, Technology, Fibres, Woven Fabrics, Coated Textiles, Composites, Bontec, and Nonwovens. Each product group or zone displays a specific set of wares. For example, Research showcases the latest R&D developments.

The Nonwovens Zone is the location for technical textiles and nonwovens. It features subdivisions, each with a designated label. The labels include Agro-, Build-, Cloth-, Geo-, Home-, Indu-, Med-, Mobi-, Oeko-, Pack-, Pro-, and Sporttech. Each label displays textiles related to a specific industry or sector. Agrotech, for instance, showcases products related to horticulture, forestry, and agriculture. Oekotech focuses on novel environmental protection ideas and concepts. Techtextil Frankfurt’s support programme also features the Techtextil Forum. It is where attendees can attend lectures led by leading market experts. A variety of discussion sessions and panels are also included. By participating in these events, attendees can engage in a dialogue with one another. Architectural design, clothing, fashion trends, sustainability, and intelligent textiles are some of the topics of interest.

One of Techtextil’s event highlights is the Innovation Award. It can help start-ups in gaining recognition. The Award lauds inootations ranging from new materials to novel ideas, visions, and concepts. Each nominated selection undergoes a strict examination by a jury of international experts. The nominations will then receive representation in a specialised exhibition area. The “Textile Structures for New Building” Student Competition allows students to gain recognition. It is a contest where such attendants can submit their architectural nonwoven designs. The Contest competition has several sponsors. Among them is the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design. Students and young companies should also consider visiting the Campus Zone. It is the location for examining education programmes. Also, it contains a Job Wall for job opportunity searchers.

Techtextil’s exhibitor list often features leading companies such as:

  • Ascotex;
  • Baldwin;
  • BASF SE;
  • Bayern Innovativ;
  • Bekaert;
  • Belchem;
  • Berry Global;
  • BTMA;
  • Caruso;
  • Covestro;
  • Daikin Chemical Europe;
  • Scovill Fasteners;
  • Evonik Fabrics;
  • Hiltex Overseas;
  • Huber;
  • IPCO;
  • Kaneka Corporation;
  • Alkegen;
  • Karl Mayer;
  • Rajiv;
  • Saint-Gobain;
  • Sandler AG;
  • Siemens;
  • Stahl.

Techtextil’s exhibitors and visitors represent several industries. Among them are fashion, textile, advanced materials, furniture, agriculture, and construction. The landscape, apparel, and mechanical engineering additionally attend. It also attracts specialists from the chemical, electrical, medical and environmental control sectors. Waste extraction, and the sport apparel sectors, furthermore visit. So do logistics specialists, road construction professionals and education representatives.

Tectextil Frankfurt Accommodation

Secure suitable accommodation for Techtextil Frankfurt with Travel 2 Fairs Ltd. All that is necessary is to inform us about the rooms you need, how much you wish to spend, and your desired location. Travel 2 Fairs Ltd manages the rest. Reserve lodgings next to Messe Frankfurt and gain valuable access to public transport. We can inform you of the best routes to take to the venue. Aside from affordable hotel accommodation for exhibitions, we also provide transport services. One way to travel to your hotel is to have a rent-a-car wait for you at the airport. Another is to schedule an airport transfer in both directions.

Event information might be outdated because of the coronavirus pandemic. More information is available from the organiser.

Past Iterations

Techtextil Frankfurt 2022

Techtextil Germany 2022 coincided with Texprocess 2022 and the Heimtextil Summer Special. The trade exhibitions represented the global textile industry’s restart. They featured many highlights, including the Forums, Special Show and Innovation Awards. 91% of the visitors were pleased with their participation in the event. This was because of the high-quality event agenda and the available opportunities. The fairs were held in Messe Frankfurt as hybrid events between the 21st and 24th of June 2022. They received around 63 000 visitants and 2 300 exhibitor firms from 117 countries. The venue did not feature coronavirus safeguards. This was because the country removed the related restrictions.

Techtextil Frankfurt 2024

Techtextil 2024 coincided with Texprocess 2024. The events occurred as live trade expositions between the 21st and 24th of April 2024. They were hosted in Messe Frankfurt and featured more than 39 000 attendants. This included 38 000 visitants from 102 nations (29% increase compared to 2022) and 1 700 exhibiting firms from 53 countries. 75% of the visiting group was consisted of top-tier executives, and 95% were pleased with their attendance.


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