CITY: Madrid

Upcoming Dates

INTERSICOP 2019 is coming up to sweeten the social calendar in Leipzig, Germany as it covers the machine tools and manufacturing processes in the bakery, pastry, ice cream and coffee sectors. The international trade show attracts over 1000 exhibitors, who will represent the entire spectrum of services and machinery between February 23rd and February 26th. Gain access to 23,500 visitors in total – all eager to participate in the programming and close deals. Elevate your visit with custom bookings for international trade shows from Travel 2 Fairs ltd. We change the way you plan yourbusiness travel.

The main strategic advantage is proximity to INTERSICOP 2019! That’s why you need hotels close to the IFEMA and Travel 2 Fairs ltd knows exactly where to find the deals you want. After an initial consultation, our team curates a list with the properties that bring you closest and save the most on travel expenses. INTERSICOP 2019 gives you plentiful opportunities to create contracts with buyers and survey trends in your specific area. The product spectrum is incredibly diverse as you have forming machine tools, erosion machine tools and accessories, and ancillary equipment of machine tools. Product launches are incredibly successful.