EIMA International

EIMA International
CITY: Bologna

Upcoming Dates

EIMA International is a go-to international exhibition for the agricultural and forestry industries in Europe, where you have an equal opportunity to showcase and demonstrate cutting-edge agricultural and gardening machinery as well as tackle complex environmental challenges in the field. Bologna, Italy hosts the program, where you can add your machinery to the 50,000 models put on display. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to land a great hotel booking online at exciting rates. One phone call to Travel 2 Fairs ltd is what you need to do to complete your business travel preparations in a day.

You have a wide selection of hotels for this trade show within your price range, when you work with Travel 2 Fairs ltd. We manage your trip so your expenses don’t put a heavy strain on your budget. At the same time, we work to place you close to the exhibition centre and public transport for a swifter commute. This will enhance your visit to EIMA International, whether you’re there to display and demonstrate your machinery, or have signed up as part of the support program. There are going to be several discussions and seminars on a wealth of subjects.