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Questions and challenges surrounding water supply and water management in urban environments find their answers at WASSER BERLIN. The international exhibition touches upon the latest standards and applications across the entire value chain. These concern wastewater treatment andpipeline construction among many other subjects. Proceedings take place in Berlin, Germany and the upcoming edition. Now is a good moment to complete your business travel arrangements while hotel prices are low. Travel 2 Fairs ltd knows how to book hotels close to the Messe Berlin at prices you can’t refuse.

A hotel booking online awaits you after one initial consultation with Travel 2 Fairs ltd. Our team has access to a large network of hotels, hostels and apartments in every quarter in Berlin. No matter what experience you are after, we can turn it into a reality and save you money in the process. Do not waste any more time and start your journey to WASSER BERLIN right now. Alongside the equipment and technologies on flood protection, desalination, geothermic technologies and the procurement of water, WASSER BERLIN offers numerous networking opportunities as well as a technical program that is going to reveal the future of the industry.

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