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Covid-19 Update

Tire Technology Expo has been postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The event’s new dates are 18.05.2022-20.05.2022. The event will take place at the Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany. The format will be in-person with a stringent Coronavirus prevention plan in place. The exhibition centre will feature contract tracing regulations. All attendees must present full contact details upon entering the venue. These include full name, home addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, Participants must additionally show proof of immunisation, recovery, or negative test results before entry. Deutsche Messe will feature safety measures such as expanded event spaces, disinfectant stations and others. During their participation, attendees will be required to wear face masks of the surgical, KN95 or FFP2 type. They must additionally maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres at all times. Regular hand sanitation is mandatory for all participants, including visitors and exhibitors. Due to the implementation of travel restrictions, 3G entry documents and digital registration must also be done upon arrival in Germany. 

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Europe’s most important tire manufacturing technology exhibition is the Tire Technology Expo. It is where the tire manufacturing industry meets to exchange information and network. The fair hosts a diverse group of events. Among them are exhibits from the world’s leading suppliers. The program also includes a conference, workshops, and industry-leading awards dinner. There are also many events related to networking, such as meetings. The expo is hosted in Deutsche Messe, one of Hannover’s leading exhibition centres. The exhibition is among the city’s main events.

Business Profile of the Event

The Expo is the tire manufacturing industry's main meeting event. It draws a large group of attendees from various sectors. This includes specialists from the metalworking machinery manufacturing and machinery manufacturing sectors. It also attracts members from the engineering services sector. Many of the trade visitors and exhibitors are important decision-makers. These include figures of authority such as CEOs and research & development specialists. Among the notable companies that have attended are Michelin, Eastman, and others. Many companies visit with the intent of networking or learning the latest trends. This results in making new connections or finding solutions easy.

What is New for Tire Technology Expo?

The Tire Technology Expo will host once again the Tire Technology Expo Conference. The Conference will include 20-to-25-minute presentations in English on several topics, including:

  • Tire Technology for the Next Vehicle Revolution.
  • The Changing Science of Rubber Compounding.
  • Tire Manufacturing - Making the Most from New Technologies.
  • The Tire Business: A Review of Trends and Possibilities.
  • Modelling Tire, Vehicle, and Road.
  • New Materials for Tire Performance Improvement.
  • Analysis of the Role of Polymer, Filler and Compound Additives.
  • Developments in Steel and Non-Steel Cord Reinforcement.
  • Latest Thinking on the Problem of Waste Tires.
  • Tire Testing for Next-Generation Vehicles.
  • Developments in the Design of Tires.
  • Enhancing Tire Value for Vehicles with RFID, Intelligence and Tire Regulation.
  • The Development of Tires and Electric Vehicles in China.
  • Did You Know? 

Tire Technology Expo has several goals. These include the showcasing of the latest trends and innovations. It also permits finding new solutions through exhibitions, presentations, and showcases. Networking is another of the expo's leading goals. The program meets this aim by including a conference and one-on-one meetings. Awarding innovation and dedication is another important aim of the exhibition. Because of this, the evening section of the event includes an award-giving gala dinner. Tire Technology Expo can be quite helpful for manufacturers and engineers. It can furthermore benefit specialists from the related fields. These include for example automotive engineers, machine maintenance specialists and others. Aspiring companies should consider the conference and gala dinner as connection opportunities. 

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Tire Technology Expo is an annual and international event that last 3 days. Its hosting location is the Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany. The event is organised by Tire Technology Expo and Tire Technology International magazine. Attendees can visit the expo between 10:00 am and 17:00 pm for the first 2 days of the event. On April the 7th, opening hours will be between 10:00 am and 15:00 pm.

The venue is easy to reach from Hannover Airport, the city centre and central railway station. The quickest route from the airport is to take the U-Bahn Line 8 and then the S-Bahn line S5. The journey would take 58 minutes and stop near the entrance. Attendees can also opt to rent a car or call a taxi and reach the exhibition centre in 30 minutes. Likewise, they can reach the messe from the city centre in 30 minutes by taking the B6 motorway.

As an alternative, attendees can take the U-Bahn Line 8 from the central railway station. The journey in such cases would take 40 minutes. Reaching the messe from the neighbouring cities is easy. This is because of the city's extensive railway and motorway connections to them. For example, the train ride from Hildesheim to Hannover is 30 minutes long.

Hannover is among Germany's largest cities. It covers a total area of 204.01 km2 and is the capital of the Lower Saxony State. It is one of the country’s popular tourist and business meeting destinations. The city has over 600 hotels ranging in prices and as many restaurants. There are several areas where attendees can rest and dine. These include Mitte, List, Calenberger Neustadt, Wülfel, Buchholz, Mittefeld, Linden-Limmer and others.

Audience and Statistics

Tire Technology Expo has a high rate of attendance. For example, over 300 exhibitors and over 5000 visitors attended its 2020 edition. The expo receives visitors and exhibitors from many countries around the world. These include Belgium, China, Germany, Finland, and France. They also feature Italy, India, Iran, Russia, Poland, Netherlands, and others. Many industries form the large group of attendees that visit the Tire Technology Expo. Such include for instance automotive manufacturing, retail, machinery manufacturing, chemical manufacturing and others. Professionals with various functions visit the event. Many of them are notable decision-makers, such as heads of departments and others. Suppliers, project managers, as well as scientists, also attend the event.






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