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(22 July 2023 - 24 July 2023 )
Location: Germany , Hamburg
Organizer: Messe Frankfurt

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Nordstil Summer will take place in Hamburg at Hamburg Messe und Congress between 22.07.2023 and 24.07.2023. The Summer edition will take place as a face-to-face exhibition. The hosting site for the live trade fair will not feature strict Covid-19 prevention measures due to the removal of the related domestic restrictions. Due to the same cause, the country does not have travel limitations in place. 

Calling Card

Nordstil is Northern Germany's largest consumer goods trade fair. 2014 is the founding date of the fair. It is the retail sector's leading platform for discovering innovative products from Germany. It is likewise the leading fair for learning about new Scandinavian products. The fair has two editions — Summer and Winter, which take place once every 6 months. Nordstil's messe of choice is Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. The venue is among the leading event locations in Hamburg, Germany. 

Business Profile of the Event

Nordstil is the leading platform for the retail, wholesale, and export sectors. It is where professionals searching for new products can find new additions. Such additions include new innovative gifts or watches as well as jewellery. The fair attracts a large of attendees including manufacturers, sales agents and suppliers. Artists and craftspeople also visit to learn about the newest trends. They also attend to exhibit their wares and find new connections. Companies that often visit the event include Ardeco, Aurora Gmbh, and Good Old Friends. 

Did You Know? 

Attendees visit Nordstil to complete several important goals. Such include discovering new products/services. Another goal visitors aim to achieve is making essential purchases. They also look forward to making new connections. Nordstil is furthermore the fair of choice for gaining an impression of the market. This is because the fair allows visitors to compare competitors. The fair can also help in increasing specialist knowledge.

Nordstil's leading event in the program is the exhibition of new products. Yet, the fair offers more events worth visiting. Such include presentations and lectures. There is also the Village which showcases the latest branded products. The zone additionally shows ways to present the products at the point of sale.

Nordlichter is also a zone worth visiting or exhibiting at. This applies particularly to start-ups and aspiring professionals. This is because Nordlichter is where young designers can showcase their imaginative ideas. Likewise, the area is the location for showcasing innovations from start-ups. Small creative artisan businesses should look forward to the zone as well. This is due to the area promoting such businesses by showing their original works. The zone also promotes buying from the manufacturer or designer.

The Buddelhelden or Wine & Spirits section is another zone attendees should consider examining. The area is where you can sample new spirits and wines and exchange knowledge. This includes learning about the process of making the drink. The zone is also where professionals can learn valuable tips from experienced vintners. 

The exhibition of the fair has 5 product groups. These include Style & Design, where renowned designers and brands can showcase lifestyle products. Another group is the Home & Garden and includes furniture, home accessories and textiles. It additionally includes luminaries, room fragrances, decorations, and floristics. Candles, garden items, balconies, and barbecue tools are also available.

The Kitchen & Gourmet group features gourmet tools, wines, spirituous beverages and kitchen accessories. Among the offered products are household items as well. So are cutlery, glass, porcelain, and ceramics. The gifts & stationery group offers a range of gift articles, games, and toys. The section also provides a selection of licensed products and promotional articles. Additionally, the zone offers hobbies and handicrafts, creative crafting and stationery. There are also office supplies, writing utensils, children's clothing and accessories.

The 4th group is the Jewellery & Fashion. The sector contains a diverse assortment of genuine jewellery, gems, and pearls. Silver ornaments, jewellery accessories, watches, clothing, costume jewellery and bags are also available. Likewise, included in the zone are small leather goods, cosmetics, and fragrances. The group furthermore includes scarves, shawls, and bath accessories. So are personal care items such as face creams. The 5th and final group is the Special Interest or Customisable merchandise. Customisable merchandise is products custom-made to suit the needs of customers. This can include clothes, adornments, furniture and others. 

Nordstil is a fair that can provide aid to professionals in several sectors. Such include retail, wholesale, import & export, skilled trades and arts & crafts. Examples of such professionals include clothing retailers, furniture makers, artists, and decoration experts. Educators should also consider visiting, and so should trade agents. Hoteliers can additionally find a trend or product of interest. This applies especially if they manage a guest house or hostel. 

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Nordstil is a fair that occurs every 6 months and last 3 days. The organiser of the event is Messe Frankfurt GmbH, a leading event company in Germany. The event takes place at the Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. The fair's opening hours tend to be between 9 am and 6 pm for the first two days and between 9 am and 5 pm for the last.

Hamburg Messe und Congress is a venue with a convenient location. It is accessible from different areas of Hamburg, which makes commuting less time-consuming. For instance, from the central station, you can reach the fairgrounds in 9 mins via the U2 metro line. The same route would take 8 mins via taxi. You can also reach the venue from the central station in 32 minutes on foot. From Hamburg Airport to the messe it is 42 mins via the S1 (suburban train) and U2 lines. The same distance would take 23 minutes by taxi.  

Hamburg is a city that is easy to navigate and travel in. It has a well-organised public transport system that makes travelling convenient. The city has access to 4 types of train: the S-Bahn, the U-Bahn, the A-Bahn and the R-Bahn. The S-Bahn and the A-Bahn are suburban trains, with the A-Bahn reaching further than its related one. The U-Bahn is the alternative to the metro or underground train. The R-Bahn is the regional train that travels to other cities. Hamburg has 6 S-Bahn and 4 U-Bahn lines. Each of the lines has a detailed map showing the stations and locations. These are available both inside the stations and on all city maps.

Likewise, each bus line in the city has a detailed map featured on the stations. The bus system of Hamburg features 3 types: the Metro-Bus, the Schnell-Bus and the Nacht-Bus. The Metro-Bus is the standard bus that stops at all stations along an assigned route. The Schnell-Bus or Express Bus has 10 routes and travels faster than the Metro-Bus. The Nacht-Bus is the night bus. It becomes available when the U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines close for the night.

Hamburg has accommodation and dining options to suit any need or budget. For instance, you can find hostels, guest houses or hotels in the city. Likewise, the metropolis has many bars, restaurants, diners, and breakfast locations. Among the recommended areas to rest and dine are the Alt and Neustadt, Hafencity and Altona. Wandsbek, St Pauli, St Georg, Eppendorf, Sternschanze, Blankenese, and Schanzenviertel are also ideal. 

Audience and Statistics

Nordstil is an international fair with a good level of attendance. For example, the 2021 Summer edition received around 521 exhibitors and 8,000 visitors. Attendees came from many countries such as Austria, Belgium, and Cyprus. They also attended from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, and the UK. Presented countries additionally included India, Italy, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, and Romania. They also featured Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Attendees represent many sectors and industry branches. For example, retail sector delegates include speciality and clothing retailers. They also feature department store managers and home furnishing professionals.  The wholesale sector delegates often include manufacturer salespeople, wholesale agents and merchant wholesalers. The export sector is frequently a featured industry, and so are the services and skilled trades.

Past Editions

Winter 2022

The 2022 Winter Edition of Nordstil took place between 15.01.2022 and 17.01.2022. The event took place as a hybrid event – a live exhibition complemented by a digital platform. The hosting location of the face-to-face aspect took place at Hamburg Messe und Congress. The hosting venue featured the latest Covid-19 prevention measures, such as the 2G+ entry policy. The event featured over 12,000 trade visitors and 670 exhibitors. 


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