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Travel professionals find it useful to talk with peers, study current market trends for holiday destinations and showcase their own services and packages at Destinations Manchester. The international trade show is a long-standing part of UK cultural life and has enjoyed a growing following among exhibitors in tourism and visitors alike. Hundreds of tourist boards, tour operators and cruise companies will be at the event. Given the scale and popularity, Travel 2 Fairs ltd recommends you get your hotel booking online as soon as possible. We have just the offers for you!

It’s time to change how business travel is done. Forget about doing all the research for yourself – a team at Travel 2 Fairs works to present you hotels for Destinations Manchester in accordance to your wishes. You save money on room rates, time commuting and are surrounded by colleagues and peers. What’s even better is that it takes us no more than a single business day to finish the job! The program is truly diverse. The MASTA Travel Health Zone brings in a team of nurses to spread awareness about health requirements and information for all destinations. There is also the Food & Travel Stage and Travel Photography Masterclass.