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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Berlin

Upcoming Dates

Keenly fine-tuned to the market changes and technological trends in the region, Bautec presents an in-depth overview of the building and construction sectors in and around Germany. The trade fair is based in Berlin, Germany and operates on a biennial schedule with editions falling on even years. It’s a smaller, but more focused even that monitors trends across the full processing line as visitors gain access to what’s fresh in materials, equipment and machinery that’s broken across several thematic zones. Here are some notable facts about the international trade fair:

  • Managing human resources is a top priority and you see this in the Construction Career Center geared towards further qualifications and matchmaking;
  • The product range is wide – outdoor systems, construction chemical, protective agents, fire protection, roofs, site equipment, insulating materials, paints, windows.
  • Attendance rates have crossed over the 35,000 mark;
  • bautec.INNOVATION AWARD fosters the next generation of manufacturing.

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