The beauty industry's most extensive and must-attend events

24 Apr 2023

Becoming successful and competitive within the beauty industry can be a daunting challenge. Among the aspects which can be the most challenging is remaining informed about the most current consumer trends. The challenges also incorporate increasing brand visibility and studying novel solutions. They likewise include the expansion of business networks. Yet, there are ways to complete such business aims. One leading means to achieve such goals is to attend one or more pivotal beauty trade events. Yet, which trade fairs serve as flagship events for this industry? Here are the most extensive beauty events that are must-attends for industry specialists:

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Among the flagship and premier beauty industry events is the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna. It is a trade exposition comprising three shows - Cosmopack, Cosmo Perfumery & Cosmetics, and Cosmo Hair, Nail & Beauty Salon. Hosted since 1967 in Bologna Fiere, the event tends to appeal to more than 260 000 visitants. Such include leading brands, retail specialists, certification companies, beauticians, et cetera. This enables participants to network with members of the entire value chain. As a result, they can increase brand awareness, meet new prospects, and break into new markets. Due to its diverse event agenda, Cosmoprof also serves as a global industry trendsetter. It is likewise a novel solution and product showcase. This enables participants to learn about the latest innovations within various industry sectors. Such include perfumes, personal care, beautification salons, et cetera. As a result, the fair receives leading products lines and brands or companies, including:

  • Amazon;
  • Barbie;
  • Brevia;
  • Dr.Scholl;
  • Ducati 1926;
  • Esprit;
  • Eveline Cosmetics;
  • Evian;
  • Fit Cosmetics;
  • Framar;
  • Huxley;
  • Impala;
  • Inessance Paris;
  • Ipanema;
  • La Pasionaria;
  • La Rive;
  • Refan;
  • Roxanne;
  • Hello Kitty;
  • Golden Rose;
  • Sweet Hair Professional;
  • Tom Taylor.

In - cosmetics Global

In-cosmetics Global is the flagship event of the in-cosmetics event series. It is one of the most pivotal beauty innovation showcase fairs. This is due to the fair displaying the latest solutions, ranging from new raw materials to packaging. This is achieved through diverse display areas, launch sectors and country pavilions. As a result, participants can overview market segments or sectors with ease. The zones additionally enable networking by discussing with exhibitors while overviewing wares. Participants, furthermore, can gain brand awareness. They can also learn about technology or marketing secrets via the diversified event schedule. It includes award ceremonies, demonstration areas, guided tours, technological seminars, symposia, and forums.

As a result, In-cosmetics Global receives over 10 000 participants. This includes 95% of the pre-eminent care & beauty ingredient suppliers. Examples include Solvay, Evonik, Lonza, L'Oréal, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Estée Lauder and Johnson & Johnson. Such companies represent Europe, Northern America, Africa, Southern America, Asia, and Oceania. This includes countries such as France, the United States, South Korea, South Africa, New Zealand, and Brazil.

Beautyworld Middle East

The most pivotal beauty trade fair for the Middle East is Beautyworld Middle East. It is also one of the leading events for the global industry segment. It is a central meeting hub for all industry members. This results in an annual attendance of over 42 000 attendants. This includes beauty technology, cosmetics, personal care, and salon supply representatives. Likewise, this incorporates the manufacturing, packaging, and raw material sectors. Such segments are presented by companies such as Afri-Berry, Anubis Cosmetics, A-Plus Supply Co. Choice of Nature Limited, Luxess, and Noor Gold Cosmetics likewise attend. Such enterprises and industry representatives take part in an extensive event programme. Its highlights include Next in Beauty, Signature Scent, Beauty Tech, and the Beauty East Awards.


One of the must-attend events for the natural & organic beauty sector is VIVANESS. It is a pivotal trade fair that coincides with BIOFACH and occurs in Messe Nuremberg. The event attracts more than 14 000 participants. It features various industry representatives. Examples include personal care, fragrances, specialised cosmetics, chemist articles, packaging and raw materials. Such participants gather to engage in an extensive event schedule. It enables learning about natural and organic product innovations, trends, and policy changes. Additionally, the agenda facilitates image-building and networking. VIVANESS, as a result, features leading exhibitors ranging from Accentra to Brevia Corporation. Such include Jimmy Boyd, Apeiron, ICEA Certifica, and Advantis International SARL.


Sana is, similarly, one of the most pivotal beauty trade fairs. It is an annual event hosted in Bologna Fiere that attracts over 50 000 trade visitants. This is due to the fair presenting the latest natural and organic products and solutions. Such include ones related to lifestyle, foods, and beauty products. The latter is displayed via the dedicated exhibition section known as Care & Beauty. Around 1 500 brands show their novel solutions to visitors. Example exhibitors include Swisscare, Afri-Berry, Alpha Packaging International, Unilevel, and Cosmetica Italia. This often results in hosting around 2 500 B2B meetings over several days.