The most extensive events to occur in January 2024

12 Jan 2024

January is among the pivotal months for diverse industries. It signifies the beginning of a new year. It also represents new opportunities for completing diverse business objectives. Examples include networking and conducting research into the latest trends. Such intentions can aid in expanding one’s business and furthering its development. There are several means of completing such business objectives during January. Among them is attending highly comprehensive and must-attend trade expos. Here are some of the most extensive events to occur in January 2024:


CMT Stuttgart is among the most extensive events to occur in January 2024. It is one of the most pivotal tourism, travelling and leisure trade expositions. This is because the event presents the latest travel destinations and transportation methods. It also displays the newest cruise offers, culture-enriching experiences and organised travel alternatives. Such wares are displayed by more than 2,000 exhibiting firms. They vary from tourist organisations to independent travel agents. Such include spa/hotel resorts, automotive manufacturers, travel offices, retailers, and cruise operators. Among them are Air Seychelles, AIDA Cruises, Audi, Canon, and Sony Europe BV. Such exhibiting companies represent diverse industries. Among them are hobby, lifestyle, tourism, HoReCa, leisure, travelling, transportation, sports, and wellness. Their offers are overviewed by 265,000 visitants, including the public, on more than 124,000 m2. Additionally, CMT receives more than 1,500 media representatives.

Picture: CMT

Imm Cologne

Imm Cologne is one of the most extensive trade expositions to take place in January 2024. It is among the leading furnishing trade expositions for the interior design industry. This is because it displays the newest interior design, decoration, and furniture trends. It is also a central presentation platform for displaying wares to end consumers. This is because of the event days when Imm Cologne is open to the public. As a result, the event enables the interior design industry to network with the public. Additionally, it promotes brand awareness. This is done by allowing lighting, furniture, and flooring brands to showcase their wares. For instance, it is among the must-attend events for leading enterprises such as:

  • Maison Valentina;
  • Essential Home;
  • Flexform;
  • Cane-line;
  • Веrt Рlаntаgіе.

As a result, Imm Cologne receives over 100,000 participants during its iterations. Many attendees are from abroad. For example, over 50% of the visitors were from abroad during the most recent format. Likewise, over 80% of the exhibiting represented a foreign country. The expo receives various sectors. These include the preceding interior design, decoration, furniture, and lifestyle segments. They also include the architecture, skilled trades, textiles, construction and retail segments.

Picture: Imm Cologne

BOOT Düsseldorf

January also features a must-attend trade exposition for the water sports industry. Referred to as ВOOT Düѕѕеldоrf or the Boot Show in Düsseldorf, it is an annual trade expo that occurs in Messe Düsseldorf. It attracts over 252,000 attendees in an event space of 220,000 m2. Such participants comprise trade and public visitants. They also include various exhibiting enterprises that represent diverse industries. Examples include the maritime, sports, retail, and services sectors. They likewise include the health, tourism, nature conservation, art, and importation/exportation sectors. Diverse pre-eminent corporations represent the industries. Among them are Yamaha, Volvo Penta, Suzuki, Honda, Garmin and Camaro Erich Roiser. Such enterprises display their latest wares within a comprehensive exposition. It features nine themed sites, varied competitions, specialised shows and partner events. This includes sub-events intended for the public, such as the Ocean Tribute.

Picture: BOOT Düsseldorf


Among the most extensive trade expositions to occur in January 2024 is Fitur. It is among the leading events for the tourism, HoReCa, and transportation sectors. It is also a must-attend for the IT, culture, incentives, MICE, and sports industries. This is because the expo presents the newest strategies, destinations, and marketing steps. More than 750 exhibiting firms display such wares, including diverse pre-eminent corporations. Among them are Adecco, Aderco, Vervotech and the Bahamas Tourist Office. Such enterprises are among the diverse exhibiting companies that attend the event. They take part alongside the public. This results in more than 222,000 attendants attending the event. This includes 136,000 industry experts and 86,000 public attendees. Additionally, the event features a significant media presence. This is due to the more than 6 300 media representatives who take part in the trade exhibition. It is also due to the event’s high presence on social media during its editions. For instance, one of the recent iterations featured over 288,500 followers. This was due to its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. Additionally, its publications created over 1,676,000 impressions. This included its Twitter profile being Spain’s No. 1 Trending Topic. This was due to the profile receiving over 500 mentions daily during the hosting days.

Picture: Fitur

Ambiente Germany, Creativeworld and Christmasworld

Ambiente Germany, Creativeworld and Christmasworld also occur in January. These are three coinciding pre-eminent consumer goods, decoration, and do-it-yourself events, respectively. Each is a pivotal trade exposition for its respective industries. This is because the events display the leading mega-trends. For instance, Ambiente Germany displays the latest consumer goods and glassworks sector trends. This likewise applies to the ceramics, interior design, HoReCa, construction, and gifts segments. It also applies to the jewellery, fashion, watches, beauty, wellness, and games industries. Similarly, Christmasworld displays the latest wholesale, import/export, and retail trends. This also applies to the decoration, DIY, horticulture, and merchandising sectors. Likewise, Creativeworld showcases the newest skilled trades, hobby, leisure, apparel, and educational mega-trends. This results in an annual attendance of more than 158 500 participants on more than 352 900 m2 of event space. Such attendants represent over 160 nations from six continents. Generally, over 90% of the visiting professionals consider the events to be successful. The most recent iteration verified this statistic. As 94% of the visitors considered the three trade expositions adequate. This included a high satisfaction rate regarding the presented wares. This is due to the events often featuring pre-eminent corporations as exhibitors. For example, the three trade expos generally attract leading enterprises, such as:

  • Alfi;
  • Kai;
  • Rosenthal;
  • Mepal;
  • Beaumont Group;
  • Duni Group;
  • Elvet Group;
  • Frozen Rose Forever;
  • Ceramica Collet;
  • Fabriano;
  • FM Brush Company;
  • Magnani 1404;
  • The Japanese Paper Place Ltd;
  • JJC Industries.

Picture: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH | Jean-Luc Valentin