Most extensve interior design events

19 Feb 2024

Interior design is among the pivotal industrial sections of the construction industry. It is a sector that focuses on converting rooms into suitable living spaces. Examples include living rooms, bed chambers, washrooms, et cetera. Yet, converting such rooms into living areas can be daunting. This particularly applies when considering the latest consumer trends and challenges. Yet, there are means of reducing the difficulties of creating appropriate living spaces. This includes learning about the newest models, megatrends, and networks. There are several effective means of completing such goals. Among them is attending the most extensive interior design events, including:

Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Salone del Mobile Milan)

An extensive interior design event professionals should anticipate is Salone del Mobile Milan. It is an annual trade exposition that is pivotal to the interior design sector. This applies particularly to its residential interior section. This is due to the trade expo displaying the latest innovations, megatrends, and models in the section. It includes the co-occurrence of related trade fairs such as Eurocucina and Euroluce. It enables diverse specialists, including designers, to learn about the newest solutions. The event likewise allows them to display their novel design concepts. It also permits them to network and gain recognition. This includes a diverse and extensive visitant group. It comprises various attendees, including government officials. They likewise include HoReCa, retail, realty, wholesaling, and wellness industry representatives. This results in the attendance of more than 307 000 visitants from 170 nations, with high internationality being a notable detail. For example, 61% of the visitants are from abroad. Additionally, the exhibiting group is likewise extensive and features many leading corporations. For instance, the latest iteration featured over 2 000 exhibiting firms. This included leading trademarks such as Fabbian, Acerbis, Diesel, Koh-I-Noor, and Kohler.

Picture: Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Foire de Paris

Foire de Paris is likewise an extensive interior design trade expo to look forward to. It is an annual trade exposition. It displays the latest megatrends, innovations, and challenges in various economic segments. This includes home decoration, lifestyle, arts, viticulture, consumer wares, et cetera. Such wares are displayed via a comprehensive trade exhibition. It features dedicated sections such as Home & Lifestyle. Diverse exhibitors display such wares. They range from SMEs to extensive, time-honoured corporations. Examples include Modial Vapaeur, Miele, Tousalon, Weber, and Aiko. Additionally, there are diverse showstoppers. Among them are the specialised forum for production solutions and the Start-up Boost. This results in a significant attendance rate. For example, the most recent edition featured 408 250 attendants. It comprised 407 000 public and trade visitants. They examined the products of 1 250 exhibiting firms that represented 3 500 brands. The trade visitant group comprises diverse industries. This includes home design, consumer goods, HoReCa, F&B, lifestyle, leisure, and wellness.


Imm Cologne

Imm Cologne is likewise among the most extensive interior design events for diverse professionals to look forward to. It is a pre-eminent furnishing trade exposition. It displays the latest interior and furniture megatrends and models. Such include wares related to furniture, lighting, flooring coverings, et cetera. This enables diverse professionals to gain recognition, network and showcase wares to visitants. This includes both trade and public ones, such as end consumers. This enables more than 700 exhibiting firms, ranging from medium and small-sized enterprises to extensive, time-honoured corporations to display their latest products. This includes the most recent models from leading companies, such as:

  • Ames;
  • Essential Home;
  • Flexform;
  • Bert Plantagie.
  • Christine Kröncke Interior Design;
  • DelightFULL;
  • Cane-line;
  • Maison Valentina;
  • Bentley Designs (UK) Ltd;
  • Dan-Form A/S;
  • Creation Italia srl;
  • E.S. Kluft & Company LLC;
  • House Nordic ApS;
  • Kaufland e-commerce GmbH;
  • Moosburger GmbH & Co KG;
  • SC Visa SA;
  • Unique Furniture A/S;
  • Vispring Ltd’’
  • Voglauer Gschwandtner & Zwilling GmbH
  • WERTHER - Die Möbelmanufaktur / Oberwelland GmbH & Co. KG;
  • YOMEI GmbH;
  • Fünfgeld Möbelbausysteme GmbH;
  • Girsberger AG;
  • Freund GmbH.

The wares of such exhibitioners are overviewed by more than 130 000 visitants from more than 130 nations, with at least 52% of the attendee group from abroad. They represent diverse industries ranging from furniture and architecture to skilled trade, home textiles, construction and retail.

Picture: Imm Cologne


Another highly extensive interior design trade exposition professionals should look forward to is the CERSAIE tile show. Alternatively known as the СЕRЅАІЕ, оr Fіеrа dі СЕRЅАІЕ, it is an international trade expo that occurs annually and presents the latest trends, innovations and models of tiling products. It similarly displays other related wares, such as ones associated with architecture, building, quarry, et cetera. It is also a trade expo that features a comprehensive event programme comprising diverse demonstrations, training sessions, producer meetings, workshops and forums. This enables various professionals, ranging from interior designers to ceramics producers being able to network, exchange knowledge and gain recognition. As a result, the trade exhibition attracts more than 99 000 attendants, with over 30% of the visiting representing a foreign country who completes various business goals on 145 000 m2. This includes overviewing the wares of exhibitioners who vary from SMEs to extensive, tome-honoured corporations such as Pamesa, RАК Сеrаmісѕ, ЅТN Сеrаmіса, and Fаbеr.

Picture: CERSAIE