Most extensive events held in May 2024

7 May 2024

May is among the central and leading months for many industries. This is due to the period representing the beginning of summer. It is one of the most essential seasons as it presents one of the most active periods of the year. Due to this, many sectors need to prepare for the upcoming summer by completing diverse business goals such as networking. There are several means of achieving such objectives. This includes attending comprehensive trade expos that feature high attendance rates. Which are the most extensive events held in May 2024? Here are some of the trade expos to consider:

Fоіrе dе Раrіѕ

One of the most extensive events held in May is the annual Fоіrе dе Раrіѕ. It is one of the leading trade and public events to occur in Paris Porte de Versailles. This is due to the event presenting the most recent innovations from over 20 industries. These include household and consumer goods, office and home design, food and beverage, furniture, and lighting. They also feature arts, crafts, construction, beauty, wellness, leisure, fashion, gaming and gardening. Similarly, they include HoReCa, electronics, sports, interior design, automotive, and banking. Furthermore, they feature tourism, heating, viticulture, and water treatment. Over 3,500 exhibiting companies represent them. Besides presenting their latest innovations, they also network and exchange knowledge. They complete such business objectives by participating alongside more than 600,000 trade and public visitants. Often, the exhibiting firms feature leading enterprises such as Duоvас, Dаіkіn, Воѕсh, Siemens, and Аmаzоn. They also feature Dacia, Sika, Renault Retail Group, Моndіаl Vареur, Dе’Lоnghі, and ВNР Раrіbаѕ. Furthermore, they include Кеnwооd, Міеlе, Carrefour Energies, Аіkо, and Тоuѕаlоn. They also feature Веl Аіr Сuіѕіnеѕ, ORANGE, Tefal, Rowenta, Wеbеr and Сullіgаn Frаnсе.

Picture: Fоіrе dе Раrіѕ


Another pivotal and highly extensive trade exposition held in May is IFAT. It is a leading biannual trade show. It presents the latest environmental protection, recycling, municipality planning, and waste management market inclinations. Additionally, it presents the most up-to-date novel solutions. It also aids in the networking and conducting of business between diverse industries. Also, this includes the education, engineering, utility, manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace segments. They also feature the medical, construction, agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical and F&B segments. A high-calibre audience represents such industries. Such include political representatives, consultants, engineers, investors, C-suite executives, and utility companies. The participant group, measuring more than 145,000 attendants, also features trade organisations, research institutions, and vocational schools. This results in the attendance of more than 142,000 visitants and over 3,300 exhibiting firms from over 150 nations. This includes leading companies such as:

  • Ѕсhnеіdеr;
  • Ѕіеmеnѕ;
  • Aquaphor International;
  • Kobelco;
  • Autodesk, Inc.;
  • Ѕоlvау;
  • Теlеdуnе;
  • Danfoss;
  • Ѕсаnіа;
  • Еvоnіk іnduѕtrіеѕ;
  • Аquајеt Ѕуѕtеmѕ;
  • Lіеbhеrr;
  • Каrсhеr;
  • Хуlеm;
  • Zерреlіn.
  • Ноlmаѕtrо;
  • DuРоnt;
  • EWA European Water Association;
  • Меrсеdеѕ-Веnz;
  • Huber SE;
  • Ноnеуwеll;
  • Реntааіr;
  • Воѕсh Rехrоth;
  • Diehl Metering GmbH;
  • ВАЅF;
  • GTAI Germany Trade & Invest GmbH;
  • Соvеѕtrо;
  • МОВА;
  • Dаіmlеr Тruсk;
  • ІVЕСО;
  • Ніtасhі;
  • Коmаtѕu;
  • Міtѕubіѕhі;
  • Ѕаіnt-Gоbаіn;
  • АВВ АG;
  • Wеbеr;
  • АСМЕ;
  • Brentwood Europe GmbH;
  • RЕНАU;
  • ROSSI;
  • Аkzо Nоbеl.

It should be noted that 96% of the exhibiting firms rate visitor quality and diversity as excellent. Additionally, 95% of the visitants rate IFAT as having a pioneering role. 97% of participants prepare to or will invest during the biannual iterations.

Picture: IFAT


One of the leading and extensive trade expos to take place in May is Drupa. This is a quadrennial even-yeared trade exposition. It attracts more than 260,000 participants from 11 industries from more than 180 nations. This is due to the event presenting the most recent industry inclinations. This includes the most recent trends in printing, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, F&B, and electronics. They also feature the latest banking, packaging, security, logistics, interior design, cosmetics, medicine, marketing, and publishing industry inclinations. They also feature the most recent trends in the distribution, IT, educational, and glass production sectors. Diverse types of professionals represent such industries. These include research institutes, printing exports, media strategy experts, and IT professionals. They also feature packaging designers, brand owners, distribution agencies, and trade associations. This results in the attendance of more than 1,800 media experts and over 260,000 visitants, with 75% being executives. Also, 65% of them attend with investment intentions and 70% with the intent of procuring new suppliers. This results in 34% of the attendees place on-site orders and 36% place such post-event. This includes conducting business with more than 1,800 exhibiting firms. Such include leading enterprises such as Baldwin Technology, Beckhoff Automation, Caldera, and Duplo. They also feature Epson Europe, Epsilon Composite, FUJIFILM, HP Deutschland, Konica Minolta, Mondi, and Pantone. Likewise, they include Seiko Instruments, Toshiba, Xerox Ltd, Adobe Inc., Cabot Corporation, and ACTEGA. Similarly, they include Canon Europe Ltd, Nissan Chemical Corporation, Pantone LLC, and Ricoh.

Picture: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Аutоmесhаnіkа Іѕtаnbul

Another leading and extensive trade expo to take place in May is Automechanika Istanbul. It is Eurasia’s central automotive trade exposition. This is due to it presenting the most recent sector-related solutions. As a result, more than 59,000 attendants attend during its annual iterations. This includes its most recent rendition, which featured over 1,400 exhibiting firms from 41 nations and more than 58,000 visitants. As a result, over 110 countries attend, ranging from China to Italy. Such nations are represented by diverse enterprises such as OEMs, distributors, retailers, and repair shops. This includes Ford Tractor, ACMA, Bachmann, Dunlop Tech, Kappa Oil, Mercedes-Benz, and Samsung. They also feature Daewoo, Dekra, Monbat, Saint-Gobain, and Samsung Brake Corp.

Picture: Automechanika Istanbul


Hospitalar is also among the leading and extensive trade expos to occur in May. This is due to the trade exposition serving as South America’s central medical trade exhibition. This is due to the event presenting the most recent and pivotal medical innovations. It includes the latest medical technology, clothing, healthcare devices, pharmaceuticals, et cetera. More than 1,200 exhibiting firms present them. They represent manufacturers, laboratories, pharmacies, health clinics, medical offices, and hospitals. This includes the latest wares of leading companies such as:

  • Вахtеr;
  • Саnоn Меdісаl;
  • Саrl Zеіѕѕ;
  • IMEX Medical;
  • Braille;
  • Canon Medical;
  • Hexagon;
  • Mercedes-Benz;
  • TUV Rheinland;
  • Ford Motor Company Brasil;
  • LG;
  • Коnіса Міnоltа;
  • Рhіlірѕ;
  • Ѕіеmеnѕ Неаlthсаrе;
  • ВіоМеd Сеntrаl Ltd;
  • Аmсоr Flехіblеѕ.

This results in the attendance of more than 91,000 visitants from diverse countries.

Picture: Hospitalar