A Brief Guide to DMEXCO 2022

22 Sep 2022

Introduction to DMEXCO

Being informed about the latest industry developments is essential. It aids media and marketing experts in remaining competitive within the ever-changing industries. Yet, staying informed about vital information can be challenging. There are means to circumvent such issues. One of them is attending trade fairs that focus on the digital economy. One of the recommendable trade shows is DMEXCO/DMXCO (Digital Marketing Expo and Conference). Why should marketing, technology, and media specialists consider attending the upcoming DMEXCO 2022?

What is DMEXCO?

DMEXCO is one of the industry's central meeting, networking, innovation and information platforms to occur at Messe Cologne. It enables the marketing, media and technology sectors to meet with decision-makers. Furthermore, it is one of the locations for learning about the digital economy. Additionally, participants can opt to increase brand awareness during the event.

Attendants can attend a detailed exposition, a conference, and networking events. These focus on content creation, advertising, economy, and other aspects of the industry.

The DMEXCO Conference is among the central sub-events within the programme. It enables attendees to learn about the newest technologies and economic developments. These are presented by media, marketing, and technology industry leaders like Visha Kudhali and Matt Buttin. Additionally, the speakers include independent yet industry-related artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre. The Conference comprises over ten Stages, including two Main ones - Red and Blue. Future business opportunities are presented on the Red Stage, and the Blue Stage discusses the latest digital innovations. Examples include AR, VR, 5G connectivity and others. The two Main Stages feature keynotes, fireside chats and panel discussions.

The sub-event also features at least two Topic Stages. These are themed locations where industry experts provide detailed information about theme-related topics. DMEXCO 2022 features five Topic Stages – Media, Agency, Tech, Start-up, and E-Commerce.

The Media Topic Stage presents subjects such as attracting younger generations. The Agency Stage presents topics, such as new agency business models. At the Tech Stage, participants can learn about questions such as the metaverse. The Start-up Stage presents various innovative companies and their novel wares. The E-Commerce Stage focuses on topics like retail marketing and B2B/B2C webshops.

The DMEXCO Conference additionally includes various Masterclasses. These practice-oriented sessions comprise presentations, case studies, and product tests and discuss different topics. The Google Masterclass, for example, features sessions that discuss YouTube and SEA automation.

THE DMEXCO Expo is also among the central sub-events. It presents the latest wares such as services or business models. It comprises six areas: four DMEXCO Worlds, a Start-up location and a w3.vision site. The DMEXCO Worlds are dedicated to specific digital industry sectors. They allow visitors to network with suitable business partners with minimal effort. The areas are the World of Agencies, the World of E-Commerce, the World of Media, and the World of Tech.

The World of Agencies is dedicated to marketing agencies of all scales. These include start-ups, SMEs, and large leading corporations. It features a networking location, presentation stage, and product display location. At the World of Agencies, attendees can expand their knowledge and networks by meeting decision-makers. Participants include C-Suite executives, marketing managers, and owners. The World of E-Commerce features online retailers and service providers. They present digital payment systems and social commerce solutions. The World of Media comprises media companies and data/targeting experts. It explores the latest media trends and technologies. The World of Tech features VR/AR, 5G, blockchain, cybersecurity, and cloud computing attendants. Such include suppliers, manufacturers, providers and IT experts.

The w3.vision area features crypto-experts and NFT companies that present diverse future technologies and trends. The Start-ups@DMEXCO location attracts various innovators, visionaries, accelerators, and venture capitalists. It is the site where such participants can earn recognition by launching new products.

Networking is an essential part of the DMEXCO trade fair. It enables participants to expand their networks by closing deals. The event aids in the goal's completion by presenting a diverse range of sub-events. Among them are the OMClub, the exhibitor parties, and the various pre-trade fair events. The OMClub is among the pivotal DMEXCO after-party events. It features a key theme, refreshments, spectacular acts, and action tools.

DMEXCO often includes pre-event day parties as part of its networking opportunities. One example is the PREMEXCO, which occurs on the eve of the trade fair. It is held at the Zum scheuen Reh Cologne and features a custom support schedule for each edition. The programme comprises refreshments, food, music performances, and others. DMEXCO additionally includes networking sub-events at the start of the day. One such example is the Programmatic Breakfast Lounge. It features two-panel discussions hosted during breakfast.


Where and when is DMEXCO 2022 held?

DMEXCO is an annual trade show hosted in Messe Cologne, Germany. Most frequently, it is held during September.

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The particularities of DMEXCO

DMEXCO is a trade show that receives more than 42,000 participants. They represent sectors such as advertising, marketing, printing, media production, broadcasting, and IT.

The sub-events occur at different times or throughout the event days. For instance, the DMEXCO Conference and the DMEXCO Expo occur on both event days. So the various exhibitor parties. The pre-trade-show events, such as the PREMEXCO, take place on the eve of the event. The OMClub is an example of a sub-event that occurs at a specific time within the schedule. It is held on the evening of the first day.

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Which leading companies take part in DMEXCO?

DMEXCO often receives leading companies as participants. For instance, the DMEXCO 2022 exhibitor list features the enterprises and brands:

  • Google
  • Shopify
  • Fiverr
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Publishing Services
  • IBM

Likewise, the speakers featured in the DMEXCO 2022 Conference include:

  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Adidas
  • TikTok
  • Xiaomi
  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • Samsung

Additionally, the event has received the following companies:

  • Facebook Inc
  • Oracle
  • Twitch
  • Dropbox
  • Booking.com
  • Audi
  • Adobe
  • CNN
  • Yoast
  • Slack


Seeking suitable accommodation for DMEXCO is essential to the success of your attendance. It ensures that your business trip and participation will be issue-free. The task can be a challenge. There are means to prevent the issue, including seeing hotels near Messe Cologne.

Are there other events similar to DMEXCO?

DMEXCO is one of the various must-attend events for the marketing, media and broadcasting sector in September 2022. Other recommendable ones include IBC and IFA Berlin.


The previous renditions in brief


DMEXCO 2022 marked the strong comeback of the event and its relevant community. It was held on-site and in person at Messe Cologne between 21.09.2022 and 22.09.2022. The live trade fair featured 560 partner companies, including names like Yahoo. Approximately 40,000 visitors from 91 countries attended the event. Among the primary goals was learning the latest information. It was presented via a diverse conference programme, which included over 770 speakers. Highlights included Matt Brittin's keynote speech, which discussed the end of third-party cookies. They also featured Matthias Dang's keynote lecture. He addressed the importance of video advertising as a digital advertising growth driver. Dr Karsten Wildberger likewise discussed the topic of digital advertising growth drivers. He analysed how retail media promotes the aspect. Leading speakers such as Sir Martin Sorrel also addressed sustainability and creativity.