IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 - The Successful Return of the Leading Trade Fair After a Three-Year Hiatus!

10 Mar 2022

IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 was among the trade fair's most expected and successful renditions. It marked the restart of the event after a three-year absence. It presented many highlights and new features, such as the Game Lounge. IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 received 19,500 visitors and 856 exhibitors. The hosting format was face-to-face, with the dates being set between 03.03.2022 and 06.03.2022. Messe Nuremberg once again served as the organiser and hosting location for IWA OutdoorClassics. The venue featured a strict hygiene strategy. One of the leading characteristics was the strict adherence to the safety plan.

IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 occurred between 03.03.2022 and 06.03.2022 as an in-person event. Messe Nuremberg served as the host venue and featured the newest Covid-19 safeguards. The safety plan followed Bavaria's latest state regulations, including the mandatory wearing of PPE as face masks. Visitors, in particular, had to wear an FFP2 one. They also had to present documents such as proof of recovery before entry. All participants had to pre-register and provide contact details for contact tracing purposes. The details included full name, home address, a valid email and mobile number.

All participants had to uphold a social distance of 1.5 metres during their attendance. They were also encouraged to perform frequent and thorough hand sanitation. To aid attendees, the organisers installed sanitation stations throughout the venue. The sneezing/coughing etiquette was mandatory for all participants.

All of Messe Nuremberg's areas were subject to frequent and thorough disinfection sessions. The venue featured an innovative digital information and navigation system. This aided participants in upholding the regulations. Organisers could manage the visitor flows using this system as well. Such flow management was necessary to prevent congestions.

Messe Nuremberg featured a high-performance ventilation system as part of the safety concept. It provided a continuous supply of outdoor air by replacing the indoor one every 10 minutes. Contactless payments were also among the installed safety measures. The option was available in locations like the parking areas and cloakrooms.

The event featured an array of new features and highlights. This included sub-events like:

  • the IWA Stage
  • the New Product Center
  • the Newcomer Area
  • the Game Lounge
  • the After-work on Thursday/Saturday
  • the Show-cooking with well-known chefs
  • startups@IWA OutdoorClassics
  • VDB raffle
  • IWA Job Centre
  • Ladies Summit

Each of the highlights focused on a different aspect of the industry. For instance, the IWA Stage included leading industry speakers discussing regulatory and retail topics. This allowed attendees to exchange information and the world during the event. The IWA Stage was available in hall 6. It included simultaneous interpreting for many of the presentations. The keynote topics were knife trends, lead-free ammunition, firearms legislation, and Retail 4.0. These were represented through the highlight lectures:

  • Knife trends - exciting discoveries and personal highlights
  • Lead-free hunting rifle ammunition - service in retail and advice
  • Alarm and airsoft guns - trend and legal developments for weapons
  • VDB demands for the National Weapons Register
  • Progun - The VDB Marketplace as a sales platform

The featured speakers included industry members such as Christoph Daim. The speakers also featured representatives from the sponsor associations:

  • Association of German Gunsmiths and Gun Dealers
  • The European Association of the Civil Commerce of Weapons
  • European Institute of Hunting and Sporting Arms
  • Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition

The stage was available from noon until the end of the event day.

Another highlight, the New Product Center, focused on the latest product innovations. It was situated next to the IWA Stage and included 47 exhibitors. AGM Global Vision Ltd and Evolution Shooting Eyewear were among the exhibiting companies. The Centre comprised specialised stands where exhibitors could present their innovative products. Among the novel selections were the FBT INCA 3d-printed titanium silencers. Similar to the New Product Center was the Newcomer Area ‌between Halls 1 and 3C. It enabled international start-ups and newcomer exhibitors to present their newest wares. It serves as the presentation stage for innovations like the Digital Reticle ELT119S-RETICLE. The Newcomer Area allowed attendees to learn about the current trends in the industry. They could also network with potential partners, providers, suppliers, and customers. Showcasing their latest products at the event area were exhibitors, such as:

  • Lumineq Displays

The Game Lounge was among the IWA Outdoor Classics’ new features and highlights. It was an open-air catering and community area with a rustic outdoor atmosphere. During and after the trade fair, attendees could enjoy fine cuisine and network in the area. It featured three networking sub-events. These were the After-work on Thursday, the Show-cooking with well-known chefs and the After-work on Saturday. The After-work on Thursday/Saturday were sub-events that allowed attendants to network. They featured a rustic campfire atmosphere, venison delicacies, and ambient music. Attendees could gather in stylish pagoda tents around fire bowls. During such a setting, they could expand their business networks. The Show-cooking with well-known chefs took place on Friday, 04.03.2022. It featured chefs Jonas Baumgartner and Valentin Rottner preparing meals from game meat. They then presented the dishes to the audience for sampling.

The startups@IWA OutdoorClassics was one of the leading sub-events. It occurred as part of the pavilion known as Innovation made in Germany. German start-up companies presented their innovations during the sub-event. It featured nine exhibitors, including the enterprises:

  • DynHit UG
  • Hart Armour
  • Midgards Messer
  • OSCARS - Shahid Sahaf Textilien
  • TTS Tec Target Schneider GmbH
  • Tuya Knife

The VDB raffle was one of the keynote sub-events of IWA OutdoorClassics 2022. It invited attendees to take part in a random raffle by entering their names. It featured a variety of high-quality prizes. Among them were products such as firearms and gun care items. The IWA Job Centre also received high praise and attention as it allowed attendees to network with potential employers. The Ladies Summit was one of the central sub-events of the IWA OutdoorClassics. It was also one of its major highlights. The Ladies Summit allowed women to meet and network by sharing experiences.

Personal contact remains a vital part of conducting business in the industry. The IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 confirms this through two statistical details - the relatively high participation numbers and the visitor quality. The 2022 edition received 856 exhibitors and 19,500 trade visitors. While more compact when compared to the 2019 edition, the participation numbers are high. This especially applies when noting that the 2022 edition occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. The participant quality additionally showed that personal contact remains essential for conducting business. For instance, the exhibitors represented 53 countries. Around 60% of visitors represented foreign countries, with the total number of visiting nations being 111.

Additionally, 86% of the visitors had a prime influence on the procurement decisions. Further, around 70% of the visiting participants were of a senior position. As a result, participants could close many business deals at the fair. Due to such details, participants considered IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 a resounding success. A statement confirmed by organisers, exhibitors, and visitors. Following the edition's success, Messe Nuremberg GmbH has announced the hosting dates of the 2023 edition. IWA OutdoorClassics 2023 will occur in Messe Nuremberg as a live event between 02.03.2023 - 05.03.2023.