Top 10 Sales Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

13 Jan 2020

Last week, we brought you a list with spectacular podcasts to add to your commute or hours spent waiting on a plane to take you to your next trade show, but we received feedback that not everyone listens to podcasts. This gave us an idea to return to the oldest source of wisdom on the Internet – the humble blog. Although some say the era of blogs are behind us, we beg to disagree as we bring you a list with spectacular, celebrated blogs on all things sales.

Gong Io: Manned by a diverse team of writers, Gong Io brings valuable practice-oriented tips on how to make sales better across all levels every single week. You also get to learn about how the most successful people in sales have gotten to where you are and draw inspiration for your own business. One of their recent posts has been on the sales mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

InsideSales: One of the greatest qualities of InsideSales is that it’s updated regularly and it always asks the best questions every single time. This blog favors the practical approach as well and has a lot of listicles with actionable tips and strategies to apply in any given situation surrounding sales in minute detail. It’s certainly the place to hone specific skills no matter what your particular role.

Sales Haker: If you’re in the B2B industry, then this is the best blog to arm you with the know-how and strategies of the moment to earn more. The content here is superb and useful for a variety of roles from sales reps to executives. In addition to blog posts, the range of content is versatile as you can watch videos, download ebooks and even sign for webinars.

HubSpot Sales Blog: Where would we be, if we didn’t have the treasure trove of the HubSpot Sales Blog, which features some super-star names in the business from Anthony Iannarino to Trish Bertuzzi. It’s also worth mentioning that the topics discussed here are wide-ranging and there’s something to discover for everyone from salespeople on the front lines to their managers.

Make It Happen Blog: John Barrows is a name everyone should know in sales already and he’s bringing indelible advice to salespeople through his own personal experiences early in his career. It’s professional advice given to you through storytelling and years of experience that will hone your ability to make better sales and build your own narrative skills. We also want to mention that Barrows is also a host of his own podcast, if you want to supplement your reading.

Art Sobczak's Smart Calling Blog: In previous articles, we’ve touched upon how important it is to be incorporate phone calls into your tool kit for sales. Aimed at sales reps, this blog will give you a deep dive in the mental state, tricks and procedures to follow in order to be a master at the cold call. You will also learn what to avoid and what to forget about as outdated practices.

No More Cold Calling: If you’re morally opposed to making cold calls, then you might want to learn how to live without them successfully. This blog is the brainchild of referrals expert Joanne Black, who passes down her expertise on how to devise a referral program that will nullify the need to ever turn to the telephone in the first place.

Inc.: The challenges a small business or a startup faces are quite unique and you need advice that’s been specifically tailored for your needs. The blog is filled with news from this world and also has excellent profiles on founders and groundbreakers, which can then give you ideas on how to grow your company and ensure your long-term success.

The Sales Leader: Colleen Francis is a known author in the field and experienced in sales, which is why everything she tells you on how to generate sales in high numbers is advice that you should take to heart. What’s best about her approach is that she keeps her subject matter very broad. You jump from a post on personal productivity to something like effective pipeline management.

Quora: Though technically more of a social media network / forum than a blog, Quora is a wealth of information. The website is divided into specific themes, which gives you control over what sort of information you receive. It’s where you can receive highly targeted and specific advice on a number of scenarios from experts and veterans in sales, a lot of whom are fairly active there.