Introducing the leading trade fair: CPhI Worldwide 2023

8 Nov 2022

Introducing the leading trade fair: CPhI Worldwide 2023

It can be challenging to remain competitive in medical-related industries. Often this is due to the challenge of staying up to date on the latest medical advancements. Yet, there are ways to make completing such goals less difficult. One is attending the CPhI Worldwide 2023 annual trade show. Why should medical professionals consider attending the event?

A brief overview of CPhI Worldwide

CPhI Worldwide is the flagship event of the CPhI event series. It is an annual event that presents the latest pharmaceutical developments. The event coincides with five related events:

  • P-MEC
  • BioProduction
  • iCSE
  • FDF
  • InnoPack

It results in a synergy which enables the overviewing of related sectors. Such include packaging, biopharma wares, contract services, machinery, and finished dosages.

CPhI Worldwide enables the completion of business goals via its comprehensive event schedule. The completable objectives include networking, earning recognition, expanding professional knowledge and conducting business. The objectives are attainable via sub-events such as:

  • Pharma Awards
  • Product Innovation & Sustainability Theatre
  • Conference Theatre
  • Networking Sessions
  • BioProduction

Each micro-event focuses on at least two business objectives. For instance, the CPhI Awards emphasises granting recognition and presenting the latest innovations. It achieves it by lauding the novel wares that will promote the most development. It also bestows acclaim on industry members with the most contributions. The sub-event accomplishes the goal by awarding entries in the categories:

  • Supply Chain, Logistics, and Distribution
  • Finished Formulation
  • API Development
  • Digital Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Regulatory Procedures and Compliance
  • CEO of the Year
  • Innovation in Response to COVID-19
  • Packaging & Drug Delivery
  • Manufacturing Technology and Equipment

An independent Judging Panel examines the over 180 entries. It features senior industry experts such as Duncan Emerton and Fiona Barry. The examiners determine the victorious based on criteria such as:

  • innovation level
  • potential outcomes
  • implemented features
  • level of problem-solving skill
  • competitive advantage rate
  • level of attained purpose

Among the companies and industry members to have received the CPhI Awards are:

  • Novavax
  • BASF
  • Lynne Ann du Toit
  • Novartis Pharma Schweiz
  • Cambrex
  • Merck

The Product Innovation and Sustainability Theatre is one sub-event that provides knowledge. It achieves this by presenting the latest research results via lectures. They feature leading speakers such as Yasuaki Yoshimura and Kayla Kaspar. The sessions are distributed over three days. One day focuses on Product Innovations, and the other two – on Sustainability. The topics discussed during the Theatre include:

  • Day 1: Product Innovations
    • Vital considerations for selecting suitable CDMO Partners
    • The potentials of new generation LBES
    • Deterministic methods of container closure integrity testing
    • Designing new elastomer lyophilisation application formulations
    • Choosing primary container closure systems for -80 degrees Celsius cold storage
  • Day 2: Sustainability
    • Transitioning CDMO companies to long-term eco-friendly strategies
    • The importance of addressing the industry’s carbon footprint
    • The sustainable production of complex APIs
    • Sustainable plans for LMIC pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Day 3: Sustainability
    • Cresting responsible pharmaceutical supply chains via the implementation of ESG
    • The risks of ESG implementation in pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies

The Conference Theatre is similar in intent and format to the Sustainability Theatre. It consists of panel discussions, introductory lectures, keynotes, and other related sessions. These discuss various topics, ranging from new therapies to the latest trends. Psychiatry, genetics, microbiology, bio-pharmacy, and clinical trials receive prime focus. These are discussed via Five Tracks:

  • TRACK I – Formulations & Ingredients
    • The current status and future perspectives of psychedelic therapies
    • Developing and optimising innovative LNP formulations via genomic medicine toolkits
    • The latest developments and applications of EXCiPACT GMPs within pharmaceutical auxiliary materials
  • TRACK II – Future Therapies
    • A patient-centric approach to cell and gene therapies
    • The current state of advanced genetic therapies
    • The regulatory pathways to mRNA-based therapies
    • The potential for new therapies via microbiome therapeutics
  • TRACK III – Digital
    • The shift towards decentralised trials
    • What steps are necessary to enable health data collaboration between organisations and industries?
  • TRACK IV – Manufacturing Excellence
    • Hastening the innovations and developments of bio-manufacturing processes in the future
    • Handling the difficulties of the adoption of continuous manufacturing
  • TRACK V – Patient Centricity
    • The latest consumer health trends
    • Addressing patient compliance and enhancing the consumer experience through innovations
    • Enabling medicine supply chain resilience and patient-ready medicine delivery via on-demand manufacturing

CPhI Worldwide features many sub-events that focus on networking and studying new developments. Apart from the Theatres, these include Networking Sessions. These are sub-events that comprise meetings with representatives of various leading companies. They include Samsung Biologics, Bachem and Clarivate. During the meetings, participants will be able to learn about diverse topics. They feature genetics and the challenges encountered at present by the supply chain. Leading speakers such as Manuela Schneider and Thomas Halliday discuss them.

BioProduction is one event that coincides with CPhI Worldwide. It presents information related to biomanufacturing. Such data is presented within at least three tracks. At least one session occurs on each of the event days:

  • Day 1
    • Track: Supply Chains, Manufacturing, and Business Strategies
      • Gaining better data for the digitalisation of biomanufacturing
      • Leveraging wireless 3D sensor technologies to hasten scale-up
      • Bioprocessing developments via robotic facilities
      • Strategies for generating, adapting and deploying hybrid digital twins
    • Track: Upstream
      • Defining cell culture media from chemical to functional
      • The pivotal role of bioreactor characterisation within process-based upscaling
      • Digital twins for perfusion processes and integrated mAb production
      • Case studies of hybrid modelling upstream processing to hasten development and manufacturing
      • NIBRT cell line development
    • Track: Downstream & Novel Modalities
      • The use of semi-automation during ruby bi-specific antibody cell line development
      • Ensuring robust and high-yielding processes via bioreactor automation and intelligent control
      • The challenges of polishing chromatography
  • Day 2
    • Track: Manufacturing Strategy
      • Accelerating process development via machine learning-supported knowledge transfer
      • Scaling-up using direct comparison of small- and large-scale reactors
      • Cell therapy technologies expansion and automation trends
  • Day 3
    • Track: Downstream & Novel Modalities
      • Novel platform approaches for process understanding across biopharmaceuticals

Details to note about the schedule

CPhI Worldwide is an annual trade fair held at a different venue during its renditions. The CPhI Worldwide 2023 dates are fixed between 24.10.2023 and 26.10.2023. The hosting location for the latest edition is Fira de Barcelona Gran Via. Many of the sub-events featured within the support schedule occur on all three event days. Examples include the Conference Theatre and the Product Innovation & Sustainability Theatre. They also incorporate coinciding events such as BioProduction. Yet, there are micro-events which occur on specific days. One example is the CPhI Pharma Awards. It is hosted on the first day of the trade fair.

Statistics worth considering

CPhI Worldwide is a trade fair that attracts medical-related sectors. They include medicine, dental medicine, medical technology, ophthalmic optics, health, and pharmacy. The pharmaceutical industry comprises the largest group of participants. The event also receives veterinary medicine, wholesale, retail, packaging, media and IT specialists. It generally features more than 2,500 exhibitors and around 45,000 visitors from 170 nations. The event receives attendants such as:

  • R&D institutes
  • engineering companies
  • universities
  • government representatives
  • biopharmaceutical enterprises
  • OTC producers
  • custom synthesis producers
  • suppliers
  • manufacturers
  • licensors
  • CMOs
  • CDMOs
  • CROs
  • contract service providers
  • consultants
  • distributors
  • importers
  • exporters
  • IT service experts

Are there leading companies that attend the event?

CPhI Worldwide features many leading companies as exhibitors or visitors:

  • Pfizer CentreOne
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Sandoz
  • Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company
  • Kewpie Corporation
  • Samsung Biologics
  • Daikin Chemical Europe Gmbh
  • ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical
  • Honeywell International
  • Evonik
  • Acme Generics LLP
  • Rubicon Research
  • Samsung Medical Rubber
  • Fischer Chemicals AG
  • Henkel AG
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Merck

Further steps to consider

Attending CPhI Worldwide can help you prepare for significant industry advancements. Yet, knowing what to expect is only the beginning of successful attendance. Finding appropriate hotel rooms is another vital preparation step. This is due to suitable accommodation reducing commuting time. There are various options for locating and booking appropriate CPhI Worldwide 2023 accommodations.

Are there other trade fairs worth attending?

CPhI Worldwide is one of the must-attend trade shows for medical-related industries. MEDICA, COMPAMED, and IDS are three more must-attend trade shows to consider.

Information about the previous editions


The CPhI Worldwide event in 2021 was a hybrid trade show. It featured two sections of varying lengths – a live exposition and a digital platform. The face-to-face expo incorporated strict Covid-19 prevention measures. Among them was a 3G admission rule. The event featured 173 exhibitors and 3,934 attendees.

Pictures: CPHI