International Trade Fair ISH in Frankfurt – everything you need to know about energy efficiency and renewable power

11 Oct 2018

What is this event about?

If you are interested in the topics related to energy production, oil and gas or renewable energy, this exciting biannual event may be exactly where you need to be. Don’t miss ISH which will be one of the top events of in the amazing city of Frankfurt. Here you can see the latest concepts in this constantly developing industry.
This International trade fair for sanitation, heating and air will be all about sustainable energy and genuine eco power solutions for the needs of every modern home. The main focus of this international fair is on the sustainable management of energy and water resources inside buildings for personal use. The product ideas that are shown at this event prepare the ground for future research and technological development in this field.
ISH informs us about the numerous opportunities our modern life offers us and looks into the future. The venue’s main goal is to offer the world the newest technologies for responsible use of nature’s resources and also economic solutions for consumers who wish to obtain self-sufficiency for their personal property.
Thanks to the development of sustainable energy technologies, we can utilize our planet’s enormous power without further damaging the environment. This will guarantee a better future for us and our planet.

At this event, you will learn much about the future generation of technologies in home buildings. Showcased products are related to bathroom designing, smart home systems, intelligent air-conditioning and heating systems in homes.
The purpose of these technologies is to make our lives easier and more eco-sustainable than they currently are, which is the second main purpose of the international fair’s ambition.

Because the life of every modern person requires more and more things like convenience, easy usage, efficiency, eco-friendly functioning and also a unique beautiful appearance at the same time

ISH wants to show us that each one of these things can be achieved if we continue to believe in the constant development of eco-technologies.
Exhibitors at this international event strive to offer the general public the sustainable solution they need so that the end result is energy-efficient, nature-friendly, handy and intelligent home systems.

There will be important discussions like energy and water preservation and what role they play in our lives and also conversations about topics like bathroom design and air-conditioning systems.
New eco-technologies will be showcased at this large scale venue and we can learn how to effectively use energy and water resources in a responsible way.

During the event, you will learn about the budget we need to build intelligent air-conditioning, heating and bathroom systems that use renewable natural resources.
Over the course of 5 days, more than 2400 company exhibitors from Germany and other countries are going to present their unique technological solutions at this annual event over a total of 260,000 square meters. Every manufacturer has their own booth showing their latest product innovations and prototypes.

The event’s visitors rely on a network of information stands at key locations throughout the fair for support and guidance. At the information stands, visitors can inform themselves on a number of subjects concerning the event: where each manufacturer is located, where they can find the product they are searching for, what the most interesting shows are, where they can find shows that may interest them or where they can find the closest café or eatery at the event.

It is expected that more than 200,000 trade visitors from different sectors will take part in this amazing event.

ISH it’s one of the world’s most famous trade fairs and one of the most important innovation events in the renewable energy industry. It showcases innovations in the sphere of home building, bathroom modelling, air-conditioning and heating technology and renewable energy sources.
Organizers hold this event biennially and it attracts around 200,000 visitors from outside Germany specifically. If we’re talking about international presence, we have to point that around 64% of all exhibitors are foreign compared to 40% of all visitors.
The audience consists solely of professional visitors whose business is specialized in the manufacturing or retail of such home systems. In fact, ISH has been held since 2013 and the first trade fair took place during March 12-16 and gathered a total of 187 579 visitors and 2436 exhibitors. The event’s main purpose is to provide manufacturing and retail company owners with uniquely clever solutions in the sphere of smart home systems and sustainable energy use and also spread this idea as much as possible.

How to get there and where to stay?

Make sure you plan your business trip to Frankfurt in advance and book a convenient place to stay close to the fair to enjoy the event of the year. It’s up to you whether you want to be as close as possible to the exhibition centre or want to stay at a place closer to the city centre.
Just don’t forget to contact a reliable travel company to help you with your accommodation. Travel 2 Fairs ltd, for example, offers you help in finding the best place to stay close to your favourite event.

Our team of professionals always takes into consideration all your needs and preferences when seeking the best accommodation for you and also makes sure you pay the lowest price. Our top priority is to make it possible and very easy for you to be able to attend this amazing event.
It’s also a priority for us to find the most suitable place to stay until the trade fair’s end. We will also inform you about the most convenient transportation you can use to arrive at the trade fair. This international fair is really easy to be reached by public transport (if you arrive by train or bus) and some car parks offer free shuttle buses to the fair’s location.