IBC 2022

30 Sep 2022

Introduction to the 2022 edition

Staying current on the latest trends and innovations is essential to the entertainment and media sectors. It allows them to continue engaging audiences and provide services. One suitable means to achieve such a goal is attending leading trade fairs such as the IBC 2022. Why should professionals from such sectors consider visiting the event? Here are several details about the trade show.

The International Broadcasting Convention in brief

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) is a leading event for three industries. These are the entertainment, media, and technology sectors. The IBC presents the newest means to engage target audiences. This is attained by offering the latest information through an intensive support programme.

The event schedule presents such data through sub-events, such as:

  • the IBC Conference
  • the Technical Papers Programme
  • the Changemaker Programme
  • the Owner Programmes

Each information-providing micro-event focuses on a specific type of participant and sector. For instance, the IBC Conference 2022 discusses the latest challenges, trends, and technologies. This is achieved by incorporating interviews, panel discussions, presentations, and technical papers. These feature various thought leaders as speakers. Examples include Lorenzo Zanni, Anil Jain, Robert Gelick, Joe Newcombe, and Marco Gasperoni. They represent leading companies such as Google Cloud, Paramount, Microsoft UK, and Cisco. Often, the conference features themes that reflect the ongoing trends. Examples are:

  • Shifting Business Models
  • Transformative Technology
  • People Making Waves in our Industry

The Technical Papers Programme is a sub-event incorporated into the IBC Conference. It presents research and solutions to real-time international broadcasting and digital media issues. These range from sustainability, AI, and immersive technologies to novel social media approaches. The Technical Papers Programme features speakers representing many facets of the value chain. These include professionals from platforms such as BBC, academics, and R&D experts. Similar in intent is the Changemaker Programme. It features innovative organisations and initiatives that further the development of the industry. They achieve it by altering the industry’s culture and promoting creativity. The topics vary from transforming the industry’s perspectives to increasing technology availability. Attendees can gain a new perspective on challenges like diversity during the Programme. The Owner Programmes also present the most advanced industry information. Yet, it focuses on topics such as industry standards. It also discusses business transformation strategies and future network definitions. It likewise debates new broadcast infrastructure building requirements. The six leading international organisations that support the event present these. These are the RTS, IET, IABM, IEEE, SCTE, and SMPTE.

Presenting the latest innovations is also a central goal of the IBC Amsterdam 2022. IBC achieves it via the Showcase Theatre, Innovation Stage, and Content Everywhere Stage. The Showcase Theatre is the sub-event for examining new industry-changing technologies. It also presents new opportunities and long-term strategic solutions. Leading companies such as Google, EVS, Zixi, OMDIA, AWS and Accenture show these. Similar in intent is the Innovation Stage. It presents the next generation of investable technological innovations. Various innovators, entrepreneurs, and industrial experts display these. Three types of Key Sessions comprise the Stage:

  • the Accelerator Media Innovation Programme
  • the Tech Innovation Sessions
  • the Exhibitors Innovation Sessions

Image: IBC

Each type of Key Session focuses on a specific range of topics and features different speakers. For instance, the Accelerator Innovation Programme presents innovative projects. One such example is the Next Generation News Studio. The Tech Innovation Sessions discuss AdTech, Gaming, and 5G. The Exhibitor Innovations Sessions present innovations created by start-up companies. Examples include Grass Valley, Pheonixrts, Viaccess-Orca, Lumens, Hoppr and Intive. The Content Everywhere Stage presents novel multi-platform delivery, OTT, and content monetisation technologies. These are present as exhibited wares and as the topics of the panel discussions and talks. The Stage showcases the latest online TV and video-stream trends, developments, and strategies. The participants include event debutantes, start-ups and leading companies like VIDAA. They represent:

  • advertising tech
  • CDN
  • cloud services
  • cybersecurity
  • app development
  • IPTV
  • OTT equipment/services
  • streaming
  • personalisation
  • multi-platform delivery

The presentation stages are one of several means to provide recognition to innovations during IBC. Another means is the IBC Awards. Also known as the IBC Innovation and Social Impact Awards, they laud collaborative projects. In particular, they honour ones that feature novel solutions to real-world industry challenges. They also commend projects that improve equality, diversity, social engagement, and sustainability.

Networking is among the central goals of the event. It achieves this business aim via sub-areas such as:

  • The Beach
  • the Content Everywhere Hub
  • the Forum Lounge
  • the IBC Partnership Pavilion
  • the IBC Accelerator Zone

Each zone provides different types of networking opportunities. For instance, the Beach enables meeting participants in a relaxed non-trade-fair-esque environment. The Content Everywhere Hub provides networking with broadband and broadcast participants. The Forum Lounge is the sub-area for meeting with conference delegates. Meeting the IBC owner organisation representatives is the goal of the Partnership Pavilion. The Accelerator Zone features the teams responsible for the current Accelerator Programme. It includes the option to learn more about the eight presented innovation projects.

How often does the event occur?

IBC is an annual trade fair hosted at the Amsterdam RAI. It also features venues throughout Amsterdam for sub-events such as the Beach.

Notable details about the event

IBC frequently features more than 58,900 participants during its annual editions. This includes more than 700 journalists and over 56,400 visitors. A notable detail about the visitor group is the high number of senior decision-makers (over 30,000). The IBC also receives over 1,800 exhibitors. The participant group features key attendants, such as:

  • Broadcasting experts
  • Content providers
  • Production/post-production specialists
  • Cinema industry members
  • Consultancy/analytics/research experts
  • Hardware suppliers
  • Media distributors
  • Government representatives
  • Financial service providers
  • Software suppliers/Cloud service providers
  • OTT platform specialists
  • Telecoms & mobile experts
  • Advertising specialists
  • VR/AR/MR experts
  • IoT providers and suppliers
  • Esports/Gaming experts
  • Specialists related to voice services

Such attendants take part in the before-mentioned sub-events. Each takes place during a different period of the event schedule. For instance, the IBC Conference occurs during the first and second event days. The Changemakers Programme occurs during the third and fourth event days. The IBC Awards take place on the evening of the third day. Many sub-events and zones are held from the first day until the last. Examples include:

  • the Owner Programmes
  • the Accelerator Media Innovation Programme
  • the Beach
  • the Forum Lounge
  • the IBC Accelerator Zone
  • the Content Everywhere Hub
  • the IBC Partnership Pavilion
  • the three Stages

Which are the leading brands and companies present at the fair?

Attendees can meet with diverse exhibitors, including many leading companies. For instance, the IBC Amsterdam 2022 exhibitor list featured notable enterprises such as:

  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Sony
  • Google
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • CGI
  • Dell Technologies
  • Accenture
  • Adobe
  • Aveco
  • Cisco
  • Dolby International AB
  • Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
  • Quantum
  • Skyline Communications
  • The Associated Press
  • Toshiba
  • TP-Link
  • Studio Network Solutions
  • Hitachi Kokusai Electric Europe GmbH
  • HTC Corporation
  • ZTE Corporation
  • Zoom Video Communications
  • Hyundai Fomex Co., Ltd

The previous editions have also featured companies such as:

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Netflix, Inc.
  • RTL Group
  • France Télévisions
  • Cartoon Network (Warner Bros. Discovery)
  • Euronews
  • Viacom (Paramount Global)
  • Bloomberg Television
  • Canal+ (Groupe Canal+/Vivendi)
  • BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Fox Sports (Fox Corporation)
  • Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera Media Network/beIN Media Group)
  • FIFA
  • Discovery (Warner Bros. Discovery)
  • UEFA

Image: IBC

Hotels for IBC

Booking accommodation that is as close to Amsterdam RAI as possible is essential. It ensures that your commuting time is as minimal as possible. Yet, finding suitable hotels, apartments, hostels, or guest houses can be arduous. There are means to prevent such issues. One method is examining a comprehensive and easy-to-customise database.

Upcoming Trade Shows in September

IBC is one of the many trade shows held in September 2022. Many of them are must-attends for various industries and should not be disregarded. For instance, the marketing industry should not overlook DMEXCO 2022.

Information about past editions in brief

2022 Edition

The 2022 edition of the fair marked its outstanding return to live and in-person editions. The IBC 2022 dates were set between 09.09.2022 and 12.09.2022. The hosting venue for the hybrid event remained the Amsterdam RAI. It attracted 37,071 visitors from 170 countries, over 250 speakers and over 1,000 exhibitors. The restart edition featured fully booked exhibition halls, diverse innovations and intense networking. Among the various highlights was the Show Keynote. It featured the immersive journalist and pioneer Nonny de la Peña. She discussed how immersive tech creates new narratives and thus transforms the industry.