What to know about Automechanika Frankfurt 2022?

15 Sep 2022


The automotive industry is one of the largest global sectors in the world by R&D per firm spending and revenue. Like many sectors, it is a business segment that constantly changes and develops. This can be challenging when trying to follow the latest innovations and trends. Yet, there are means of preventing the issue. Among them is attending a leading automotive industry trade fair. One such example is the highly sought-after and recommendable Automechanika Frankfurt 2022. Why is the event a must-attend? Here are some reasons to consider participating in this event.

Picture: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Pietro Sutera

Automechanika Frankfurt in brief

Automechanika Frankfurt is among the central business platforms for the automotive industry. It is the most comprehensive and pivotal of the Automechanika 2022 trade shows. It attracts a diverse range of participants from the industry. These range from manufacturers through service providers to retailers and specialist publishers. The participant group additionally includes associations, key decision-makers, investors, celebrities, SMEs and start-ups. They take part in a diverse event support schedule.

Among the event's business aims is experiencing the latest innovations. This includes the newest accessories, classic car models, workshop solutions, and others. These are available via event elements like the exhibition and Trends & Innovation theme.

Each presents innovations through various means besides aiding with other goals. For instance, the Trends & Innovation theme allows examining new technologies while networking. It comprises numerous sub-events or sections. Among them are the exhibition and the Innovation 4 Mobility Special Show. It also features the Automechanika Innovation Awards. The focus theme of E-Mobility via the Automechanikla Academy is also included.

Picture: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Jens Liebchen

The exhibition allows exhibitors to present their latest wares and features nine sections. Each segment focuses on a specific range of wares. For instance, Accessories & Customising showcases engineer and transmission components.

The Innovation 4 Mobility special show comprises one area and three sub-events. The location is Future Mobility Park. The featured sub-events are:

  • Future Mobility Workshop 4.0
  • Automechanika Innovations Awards
  • Automechanika Academy

Additionally, the show includes a networking lounge.

Each sub-event or area plays a pivotal part in presenting the primary goals of the show. For instance, Future Mobility Workshop 4.0 discusses the workshops of tomorrow. It achieves the goal by showing the solutions of 30 companies. These focus on:

  • Networked workshop
  • Dealer Management Systems
  • New Business
  • Mobility services
  • Product and service innovations
  • Customer communication
  • Research and further education
  • Paperless car dealership
  • Digital services
  • Vehicle diagnostics

These innovations are presented via ten theme islands within hall 9.0. Future Mobility Workshop 4.0 also includes two daily tours. It furthermore features three forums that discuss innovative after-sales services, digitalisation, and alternative drives.

The Future Mobility Park area discusses the cars and repair shops of tomorrow. It achieves this via dedicated exhibitions and test parkour sites. Among the wares on display is Skoda’s 295 hp (299 PS) ENYAQ COUPÉ RS IV. It can be tested in real-time traffic. Another exhibition section presents a bioethanol-powered mobile fast-charging e-car station. The ware is independent of a city’s power grid, thus enabling its usage in remote locations.

The Automechanika Innovation Awards lauds novel technologies that further the industry's development. It is granted in three award increments and nine product innovation categories. The increment categories are Nominee, Finalist, and Winner. Nominee lauds innovations that have been nominated to receive the Awards. Finalists honour the novel developments that have reached the semi-final. The Winner category grants recognition to nine exceptional innovations. The product categories are:

  • Electromobility
  • Data & Connectivity
  • Workshop & Service Solutions
  • Parts & Technology Solutions
  • Body & Paint
  • Car Wash & Care
  • Accessories & Customising
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Green Award

Among the companies to receive recognition via the Innovation Awards are:

  • Autel Europe for their MAXICHARGER DC FAST
  • Herth + Buss Fahrzeugteile for their Herth + Buss Product Detector
  • GelKoh GmbH for their LiBa®Rescue
  • Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH for their Braking Torque Reduction System
  • Celette France SAS for their Eagle – Electronic Car Body Measurement System
  • Lederzentrum GmbH for their ColourScannerPRO – Scanner incl. Formula Database
  • Dropracks AS for their Dropracks – Elevating Roof Racks
  • ZF Friedrichshafen AG for their ZF Aftermarket Turning Assistance System CV Retrofit Solution

Automechanika Academy enables attendees to expand their knowledge. Each edition focuses on different topics, distributed into two or more subject areas. They often overlap with other sub-events. For instance, the 2022 edition features Innovation 4 Mobility, Future Workshop 4.0, Body & Paint, and Classic Cars. Each segment is within a different hall. Hall 3.0, for instance, is the site of the Innovation 4 Mobility topics and show sections. It is where leading companies discuss subjects such as e-mobility. Among the driving enterprises to attend as speakers within this area are:

  • ABB
  • Adobe
  • Alibaba
  • Audi
  • BCG
  • Cognizant Mobility
  • Edion
  • EJW Consulting
  • BASF
  • Bosch
  • BPW
  • eBay
  • Google Cloud
  • Automobilwoche
  • LKQ
  • Maximotor Hydrogen
  • Fraunhofer ISE
  • Intis
  • Keanu
  • Toyota Mobility Foundation
  • Now GmbH
  • OPES Solutions
  • Skoda
  • BEM eMobilität
  • Schaeffler
  • Encory
  • AAmpact

The Future Workshop 4.0 segment is in Hall 9.0 and discusses workshop topics like electromobility. The Body & Paint topic segment is in hall 11.1. It discusses subjects such as removing damage caused to the paint and bodywork of a car. Hall 12.0 is the location for the Car Wash & Care and Detailing segment. It is where attendees can learn about the latest global classic car and car washing trends. The Academy features speakers such as Daniel Vick and Tanja Schmidt.

Automechanika Academy is among the means for attendants to expand their knowledge. Many other sub-events can also aid in completing such a goal. For instance, Hall 12.0 features the "Autolackaffen“ workshop series. These allow car painting specialists to hone their skills. There is also a demonstration show at the ZKF’s booth, which features working on a Porsche body. Body and paint specialists can also look forward to 11 collision-damage repair workshops. There is also the IBIS panel discussion (The International Bodyshop Industry Symposium). It discusses how the industry was affected by the pandemic. There is also the Collision Talk with BodyShop News’ Michel Malik. He will debate profitability maintenance, body repair innovations, preparation and refinishing advances.

Commercial vehicle professionals can also look forward to a knowledge-providing workshop. It focuses on operating commercial radar-and-camera-based drive systems. Similar in intent is the Caravan Competence Workshop.

Specialists considering the implementation of 3D printing also have a dedicated sub-event. It is presented as the dedicated seminar Discover3Dprinting. It discusses the process and its effects on additive manufacturing. This includes how practical applications can impact design development and classic car restoration. Young talents and students can also look forward to the Talents4AA initiative. It will help them in learning about the automotive industry's various opportunities.

Attendants can also learn the latest information about remanufacturing during Remanufacturing Day. The sub-event discusses topics such as sustainable reassembling. Similar in intent and format is the Supply Chain Management Day. It enables supply chain and logistics decision-makers, users and suppliers to exchange information. It discusses topics such as the market outlook for the future and others.

Many of the sub-events enable networking. This is due to the importance of expanding business networks. Automechanika Frankfurt features various means of achieving this goal. Attendants can look forward to the CEO Breakfast and the Networking Lounges. The CEO Breakfast enables participants to network with association representatives and respected leaders. They can also network with guests of honour such as Mika Häkkinen and Mark Gallagher. The Networking Lounges allow attendants to meet with other participants. This can be valuable for part dealers, workshops and automotive aftermarket specialists. Additionally, attendees can discuss and provide feedback to company representatives.

Receiving recognition is also one of the main goals of the trade show. It accomplishes the goals through sub-events such as the Body & Paint Championships. The Championships allow car body artists to showcase their skills. A specialist jury selects the winners for each edition.

Attendants can also look forward to non-conventional sub-events that can inspire. One such micro-event is the Automotive Art exhibition presented by artist Bernd Luz. It is presented in three halls – 12.0, 3.0 and 3.1.

How often does Automechanika Frankfurt take place?

Automechanika Frankfurt is a trade fair held every two years in Messe Frankfurt. At present, it occupies 315,000 m2 of event space.

Highlights of Automechanika Frankfurt

The trade show receives over 141,000 participants during its editions. They include:

  • mechanical and electronic engineers
  • qualified operators
  • workshop specialists
  • mechanics
  • automation experts
  • robotics technicians
  • original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • private and official fleet owners
  • wholesalers
  • retailers
  • universities
  • research institutes
  • polytechnic institutions
  • trade associations
  • government agencies
  • distributors
  • spare part manufacturers and distributors
  • company owners
  • service suppliers
  • planning, direction, design, and project execution specialists
  • legal, economic and financial engineering consultants
  • trade agents
  • department heads
  • students
  • journalists
  • C-Suite executives
  • R&D specialists
  • procurement specialists
  • car dealers
  • trucking specialists

Participants can engage in diverse sub-events during each event day. For instance, the first event day features the CEO Breakfast and Innovation Awards. Additionally, it features the IBIS panel discussion. The second day features the Remanufacturing Day and Meet Sidney Hoffmann@Automechanika! The third day features Supply Chain Management Day. Attendees should also look forward to the Body & Paint Championship Award Ceremony, hosted on the fourth day! The Collision Talk with BodyShop News’ Michel Malik takes place on the second and fourth days. It is part of the support programme of Automechanika Academy, which occurs on all five days. The workshops, Discover 3D printing, Talents4AA, Automotive Art, Future Mobility Park and Workshop 4.0 are also five-day events. Each event day begins with a Morning Briefing and ends with two happy Hours. The end of the event days is likewise the hosting time for the Networking Lounges.

Picture: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Petra Welzel

Who participates in Automechanika Frankfurt?

Many leading companies attend the trade show’s annual editions. For example, the Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 exhibitor list features leading enterprises such as:

  • ACE International
  • Bardahl
  • Continental
  • Hitachi Astemo Aftermarket Germany GmbH
  • Alfred Kärcher Vertriebs GmbH
  • Caravaning Gutachter Fachverband e.V.
  • Mercedes-Benz Used Parts
  • Michelin Lifestyle Limited
  • Panasonic Connect Europe GmbH
  • Phillips Europe
  • The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited (SMMT)
  • TÜV Rheinland AG

Hotels for Automechanika Frankfurt

Having suitable accommodation for a must-attend event such as Automechanika Frankfurt is essential. It ensures that your participation will be successful, regardless of the business goals you have set to accomplish. There are several means of ensuring that you have accommodation that suits your needs. Among them is examining an extensive and easy-to-use database.

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