Your Short Guide on How to Make the Most out of Your Business Trip to ISPO MUNICH 2018

26 Jun 2017

Welcome to the second article in our series that will guide all exhibitors participating at ISPO MUNICH 2018. The goal is simple – achieve a successful outcome when putting together a business trip and a better idea on what to expect at a large international exhibition. Travelling to professional events even in a nearby country is tricky to get right as there are quite a few decisions you have to make. The number one thing you need to know is how big your event truly is, because sometimes we might think we know, but numbers rarely mean anything. It’s why we’re doing this analysis.

First, you need to know the basic details
Where is the exhibition hosted? ISPO MUNICH 2018 is pretty straightforward to know, since Munich is in the name. Once you know the destination, it’s time to research the fastest and cheapest flight options. The earlier you begin researching for flight details, the better deals you’re going to find for the dates.

This brings me to my second point
Know your dates. ISPO MUNICH 2018 opens to visitors on January 28th and lasts until January 31st, but you have to know when you’re setting up. Do you have to travel a few days earlier to set up your booth? Are you staying for the entire event or only for specific days? You can’t begin planning your travel accommodations before you are 100% certain what’s on the agenda.

Going over every single detail is especially important for ISPO MUNICH 2018, which draws in overwhelming crowds. In terms of exhibitors, we’re talking more than 2700 exhibitors that stand in for the entire world industry. To help you make sense of the numbers, we’re going to look at the categories - Outdoor, Ski, Action, Sportmode, Performance Sports, Textile, Health & Fitness, and Sourcing. In addition to just having the exhibition space for booths, there will be more space dedicated to demonstration stages and networking events. Organizers expect to see 81,000 trade visitors and counting.

What does this mean for you?
One, an opportunity to generate sales leads and strengthen your position in a global market. Two, a competitive rush to find hotel accommodation, made all the more difficult, if you have to set up a booth. But there are ways to minimize the stress and have a smooth experience from the moment you step off the plane to the moment you board your return flight.

Consider your travel arrangements and your time at the exhibition as one whole. Put the same amount of effort into how to get to ISPO MUNICH 2018 as you’d do planning what you’ll do there. This means starting your planning process right now and make a budget that calculates your costs and removes any unpleasant surprises. A budget will help you know how big your group is going to be from the get-go and what properties to specifically look for. Big budgets give you the freedom to be more and stay in glitzy hotels right next to the action. If you can’t afford much, consider a smaller team and a modest hotel.

Next, you have to consider the location.
Ideally, you’d want to find a hotel that’s in the general vicinity of ISPO MUNICH 2018. This way you save time trying to navigate the unfamiliar public transport system and don’t accumulate any additional expenses. A setup like this also keeps putting up an exhibition booth easy. In case you can’t position yourself this close, find a hotel that’s, at least, well serviced by public transport. A good underground or city rail line makes all the difference. Research, research, research.

The reason why you should take all these steps some six months before the actual event is to have choices.
Right now, most hotels are still available in the city centre, near the exhibition centre and in the outskirts. Prices have not gone up and there are bigger numbers. You have the freedom to create your vision for a business trip and turn it into reality. Leave these decisions for the last moment and you’ll find yourself constrained by availability and prices.

Go Fair ltd knows dealing with travel arrangements is time-consuming and a big headache for companies. That’s why you can leave all these decisions for us to make. The most you have to do is tell us how many beds you require and what’s the ideal price for you. Our large database will handle the rest and make your visit to Munich a most exciting one.