Witness the Future of Computer and Video Games at GAMESCOM 2017

18 Apr 2017

It’s no surprise to see the entertainment industry to experience this boom once the technology caught up with the ambitions and visions of games designers. GAMESCOM 2017 gives you a cross-section of the computer and video games sectors with thousands of developers, studios and senior industry representatives coming to Cologne, Germany this year. The event lasts for a total of five days between August 22nd and August 26th. Exhibitors showcase advancements in every subsector – hardware, software, merchandising, care, cleaning and repair, basic and advanced training, media, telecommunications and Internet, and development. It’s the place to seek recognition and work on your professional network.

A Firm Balance between Business and Entertainment
GAMESCOM 2017 is the meeting place where insiders, retailers, publishers and developers can freely talk shop, discuss upcoming projects, collaborate and negotiate deals. If you seek a more professional development, head onto the elegant business area to network, promote and boost your brand. At the same time, the exhibition is a celebration of gaming culture. Head to the entertainment area to witness the best players in the world deliver mind-boggling, epic performances!

GAMESCOM 2017 Organizes a Respected Conference and Congress
Another program highlight is the Devcom developer conference aimed at gaming insiders – a high-paced, dynamic event that brings to the stage gaming royalty as speakers, boasts master classes and workshops. However, note that the dates are slightly different for this portion of the program - August 20 – 24. When it comes to digital games, no other congress comes close in size and scope than the GAMESCOM Congress!

August is Right around the Corner
You have a little over four months to prepare your travel arrangements for GAMESCOM 2017 and right now is the last chance you might have to book hotel accommodation at lower rates. Go Fair ltd knows all the great deals and discounts and can tailor your stay in Cologne to any budget restrictions.