Wire 2022 and Tube 2022–Successful Restarts With High Focus on Sustainability

29 Jun 2022

Wire 2022 and Tube 2022 marked the successful restart of the fairs. They took place as live trade shows in Messe Düsseldorf between 20.06.2022 and 24.06.2022. Sustainability was the central focus theme of the editions, which featured several highlights. Among them was the unexpected yet beneficial synergy with the coinciding METAV 2022. This was due to the postponement of the events from their original dates to the June 2022 ones. Strict Covid-19 safety measures were not present at the hosting location. The event received 1,822 exhibitors from over 50 countries.

As mentioned, Wire 2022 and Tube 2022 were held at Messe Düsseldorf as face-to-face trade fairs. The venue did not install strict Covid-19 measures due to the Bundestag removing the domestic restrictions in April 2022. Because of such a change, the locale did not feature policies like the 3G entry regulation. It additionally removed the mandatory status of various guidelines. Yet, Messe Düsseldorf retained a few measures. These included the continuous provision of external air. The venue additionally performed thorough disinfection sessions. Disinfectant dispensers were also available in the entrances, halls, and restrooms. Organisers encouraged attendees to perform frequent sanitation. Furthermore, they advised attendants to avoid physical forms of networking, such as handshakes.

Wire 2022 and Tube 2022 featured various event highlights. One of them was the comprehensive exhibition. It presented the wares of over 1,800 exhibitors. Among the novel additions were the Fastener and Spring Making Technology Segment. It featured the wares of exhibitors who specialise in this industry branch. This included machines, finished products, fastener components, raw materials, and industrial springs. The novel segment was incorporated into the Wire 2022 exhibition space. Complementing the exhibition space was the exposition location of Tube 2022. It presented wares such as tube manufacturing and finishing machines. Additionally, attendees could examine process technology tools and auxiliaries.

Among the presented innovations was the Mannesmann, including its H₂ model. Salzgitter AG displayed the novel ware. It is adapted to adhere to the latest requirements for tubes. This allows the product to be applicable for industries such as petrochemical. Additionally, the H₂ model enables the safe transport of hydrogen, thus promoting sustainability. Another notable detail was the debut attendance of the Abyssinia Group of Industries. Hall 14 is where the company presented itself for the first time at the fair. The exhibitor presented high-quality wares such as wires and is East Africa’s largest steel producer. It procures resources from its own Homa Bay district mining operations.

Another highlight was the novel ecoMetal Trails. These were a series of guided tours. The Trails allowed attendees to visit exhibitors that focus on sustainability and innovation. They enabled professionals, market leaders and specialists to learn about the leading innovators. They also allowed them to learn about the latest innovations and trends. Such included the increasing importance of copper wire for various industries. The ecoMetal Trails focused on three sustainability areas – trends, machines, and products.

Another notable highlight of the trade fairs was the “Green Transformation” Expert Meeting. It was held on 20.06.2022 under the maxim “The Steel Industry is enforcing its Green Transformation”. The meeting featured a 4-hour programme. It was held in Hall 1. It featured expert speakers who represented leading international companies. During the seminars, they discussed the ongoing transformation processes within their production halls. Examples included ThyssenKrupp, which is manufacturing a 200 MW electrolysis plant. It uses a 20 MW alkaline water electrolysis module. It will enable them to produce climate-neutral steel using green hydrogen.

A notable highlight of Wire 2022 and Tube 2022 was the ExpertenTreff. It was held on 21.06.2022 and 22.06.2022. It featured representatives from leading companies discussing a variety of topics. These included green transition, adapted recycling processes, and the changing industry. The ExpertenTreff took place in Hall 3. Among the attending companies were:

  • Salzgitter AG
  • ThyssenKrupp Steel
  • ThyssenKrupp Material Services Processing
  • ArcelorMittal
  • the Heine + Beisswenger Grou
  • Klöckner + Co SE
  • the Swiss Steel Group
  • SMS Group GmbH
  • Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahlrohre e.V.
  • Benteler Steel/Tube GmbH
  • Voß Edelstahlhandel GmbH + Co. KG
  • Federal Association of Energy Storage Systems
  • Stahlmarkt Consult

The topics included:

  • Lifting Recycling to New Levels
  • Green steel that is considerate of the client
  • Environmentally friendly steel manufacturing
  • Green transformation in the steel and tube industries
  • Green collaborations for the German steel industry transition
  • Steel trading during a crisis: digital solutions to analogue challenges
  • SALCOS and the circular economy – Salzgitter’s sustainable steel products
  • ArcelorMittal’s transition to green steel
  • bluemint®Steel – ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe’s steel production transformation
  • Storage, the Swiss utility knife for Net-Zero-Heat in the steel sector
  • Product Carbon Footprint–Transparency as the foundation and driving force toward green transformation
  • The oath to green steel from the steel consumer perspective

The Hydrogen in Practice Congress was also one highlight of the events. It debuted on 20.06.2022 and continued on 21.06.2022. It was organised by figawa and Vulkan Verlag. The congress presented practical application knowledge related to decarbonisation. It featured lectures that discussed procedural and gas-technical pitfalls. The topics also discussed technical and regulatory aspects related to green hydrogen. The programme was distributed into five categories. These were:

  • Fittings & Components
  • Gas composition, measurement, and control technology
  • Sector coupling and decarbonisation
  • Material-specific issues/integrity of systems
  • Planning, generation and storage

The topics included in the programme were:

  • Fittings & Components
    • Hydrogen-application-suitable sealing materials and gaskets – what to consider for static seals?
    • Innovative gas supply and thermo-processing technology hydrogen hybrid quick-acting valves
    • The German gas distribution network and ground-mounted gate valves
    • Introducing hydrogen to the field of residential building heating
  • Gas composition, measurement, and control technology
    • Large gas measurement that is traceable for non-conventional and sustainable gases
    • The natural gas infrastructure and hydrogen–the challenge of determining the gas composition
    • Volumetric gas measurement and the effects of hydrogen upon it
  • Sector coupling and decarbonisation
    • TransHyDE: green hydrogen transport and storage solutions
    • Energy4Climate–the National Energy and Climate Protection Agency’s perspective on hydrogen
    • Hydrogen within distribution grids–requirements, obstacles, and recommendations
    • CO2 transport characteristics
  • Material-specific issues/integrity of systems
    • Hydrogen economy–pipe infrastructure and mobility applications
    • Transporting hydrogen using plastic pipe systems
    • To the future with HYWAY
  • Planning, generation and storage
    • From concept to completion: an integrator’s perspective on H₂ project development challenges
    • High-current technology conductor rails–an ”exciting” subject for the primary sector
    • Producing green hydrogen from renewable energies
    • Building a fossil-free climate with hydrogen: challenges and solutions

Wire 2022 and Tube 2022 coincided with METAV 2022. This was because of the pandemic, which caused the events to be rescheduled for June 2022. This resulted in the three trade fairs taking place at the same time. Such a coincidence resulted in an unforeseen yet beneficial synergy. This was due to attendees gaining an overview of the whole industry and its related sectors. This included the metalworking technology one. Around 30% of the participants attending Wire 2022 and Tube 2022 also took part in METAV 2022. Among the sub-events visited by participants was the Start-up Area.

Wire 2022 and Tube 2022 marked the outstanding return of the trade fair after a hiatus of four years. The events received 1,822 exhibitors from over 50 countries. The represented exhibitor nations included:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Great Britain
  • The Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • South Korea
  • The USA
  • Canada
  • Taiwan
  • India
  • Japan

70% of the attendees have confirmed their attendance for the 2024 editions of Wire and Tube. Visitors from over 140 countries attended the renditions, with the proportion of international attendees being 70%. 75% of the trade visitors were decision-making executives. The total event space of the trade fairs was 93,000 m2.