Uplifting News – Covid-19 Domestic and Travel Restrictions are Gradually Being Lifted!

3 Jun 2022

Attending international trade fairs during the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging. The Omicron strain, in particular, has further complicated the situation due to its high rate of contagion. As a result, many countries have opted to install travel restrictions to prevent infections. Such limitations included attendees being asked to present 3G entry documents upon arrival. Additionally, many nations opted to instate a mandatory quarantine period for travellers. Yet, the global situation has significantly improved since the beginning of 2022 and continues to do so! Various countries around the world signify this by lifting their Covid-19 restrictions!

After careful consideration, many countries have elected to remove their Covid-related limitations! Often they have opted to proceed in gradual stages, beginning with the removal of their domestic regulations. At present, around 60 countries have decided to lift their coronavirus-related limitations. Among the European-continent-based countries to have removed or are lifting their restrictions are:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • The UK
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Austria
  • Moldova
  • The Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Greece
  • Iceland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Madeira
  • Montenegro
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia

Among the non-Europe-based countries to have removed their travel or domestic restrictions are:

  • Bahrain
  • Jordan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Maldives
  • Aruba
  • Gabon
  • Yemen
  • Costa Rica
  • Grenada
  • Argentina

Italy began the process on 01.04.2022 after the government announced their intention in mid-March 2022. Throughout April and May 2022, the country removed many limitations. Among them was the 3G entry policy. The nation currently requires visitors to wear face masks only on public transport. Many event venues such as Fiera Milano have likewise removed their Covid-19 safety precautions. At present, many locales advise attendees to perform regular hand hygiene. They also recommend, rather than compel, participants to wear face masks. Furthermore, they have removed their entry policies. This allows attendants to enter the sites without showing 3G documents.

Germany also initiated the removal of its restrictions in stages. The country removed its domestic constraints in mid-April 2022. This included removing the entry requirements, mask policies, and social distancing. Due to such removals, many venues opted to follow the government’s example. They proceeded to do so by converting their safeguards into recommendable steps. This included, for instance, Messe Frankfurt recommending attendees to wear face masks. Currently, the country has one regulation for international travellers. They will have to quarantine for 14 days should they arrive from a virus variant area of concern. At present, the list does not contain any nations.

France has also removed its domestic restrictions yet retained the travel limitations. The country at present does not have constraints, such as social distancing, in place. This applies to all public spaces, such as Paris-Nord Villepinte Parc des Expositions. The lifting of the national limitations took place between March and May 2022. The first stage included removing restrictions for businesses, followed by lifting them for other public spaces. The process finished in May 2022 with the removal of mandatory face masks on public transport. The country at present encourages the following of recommendations, like performing regular disinfection. Visitors should note that, as mentioned, the nation does have travel limitations in place.

Sweden and Norway were among the first European countries to lift their Covid-19 restrictions. Sweden began the procedures in February 2022. As a result, limitations such as participant number caps were removed. The nation officially lifted its travel limitations at the beginning of April 2022. Norway likewise began the process in February 2022. This included the social distancing policy and the revocation of travel restrictions. The event locations in these countries advised participants to perform regular hand disinfection. They removed all other safeguards. Switzerland also started the repeal of its Covid-19 safety restrictions in February 2022. This included the gradual removal of policies, such as entry policies. Over the following months, it removed other restrictions. The final stage occurred when the nation removed its travel limitations at the beginning of May 2022.

The UK also began lifting its restrictions in February and March 2022. This occurred after the infection rates in the country declined. As a result, the country currently does not have travel restrictions nor ones for trade fair venues. Such sites instead recommend attendees to follow advisory steps. The Netherlands also has gradually removed its domestic Covid-19 safety limitations. This resulted in locales only retaining steps, such as providing a continuous air supply to their spaces. Yet, at present, the country does have travel limitations for ones that are not part of the EU/Schengen area. Yet, the possibility of these final limitations being lifted is high!

Spain is among the countries that are removing their national or travel restrictions. At present, the nation has travel limitations in place. Yet, it has withdrawn its social distancing, mandatory face masks and 3G entry policies. This allows attendees to take part in events amidst a relaxed atmosphere. An opportunity that leading venues such as Fira Barcelona—Gran Via were eager to pursue. They have done so by removing the related policies in their safety plans.

As mentioned, many non-European nations have also lifted their Covid-related restrictions. This includes the ones affecting international travel. These include countries such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Argentina. For example, Argentina removed its travel limitations in April 2022. Many international airlines also gradually eased or removed their Covid-related limitations. For instance, attendees travelling to the Czech Republic do not need to wear masks when travelling by plane.

Many countries have removed or are removing their Covid–related restrictions. This signifies that the pandemic is receding. This also shows that the combined efforts of all in overcoming Covid-19 will eventually be successful. Travellers should note that the restrictions are subject to change, depending on the situation.