Top 10 Podcasts You Should Listen to Right Now

11 Oct 2019

Podcasts – the buzzword that’s in everyone’s mouth. In the past five years, podcasts have broken through cultural niches and become ubiquitous. Everyone seems to be listening to podcasts today. Everyone seems to be hosting a podcast more importantly.

With so much interest in the medium, you won’t be surprised to find there’s a podcast to satisfy just about every interest, which made us curious to discover the best podcasts you should listen to for all things business travel and business growth. In our humble opinion, these are the ten podcasts to start streaming during your daily commute asap.

Art of Charm: Although centered on the broader field of personal development, this podcast will only shipshape your team into charming, sociable seller at the next trade fair you visit. Hosts AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak walk listeners through a variety of subjects like body language, active listening, decision making skills and tackling doubt, which are skills that transfer well the next time you’re manning the exhibition booth.

GatherGeeks Podcast from BizBash: David Adler and Beth Kormanik dig deep into the events industry to bring to the forefront the challenges and opportunities that currently arise for those who wish to plan trade events. The hosts have effortless chemistry and you gain a deep perspective as to what it takes to organise an event whether it’s a festival or a trade show, which only makes you better prepare as an exhibitor.

Trade Show Insights Podcast: Marlys Arnold is a trade show marketing consultant with a long resume and insight into how to make exhibitors stand out on the trade show floor. If you’re green and just stepping into the role of an exhibitor, Marlys is the person to guide you to better decisions before your next trade show appearance.

The Exposure Podcast: Hosted once a month – making it manageable to follow without stressing over missed episodes – The Exposure Podcasts seats hosts Dana Freker Doody and Todd Carruth against a new guest involved in the events industry. The topics are varied from discussions on the new cryptocurrency developed by Facebook to insights about exhibiting and the issues facing the sector.

Extra Pack of Peanuts: Not once have we emphasized on the importance of reducing costs when travelling to trade fairs, and this podcasts shows you how to enjoy travel for business without being in the red. Husband and wife duo, Travis and Heather Sherry give you helpful tips and tricks on how to improve the quality of your trips, all the while revealing exciting destination and serious conversations on success and fears.

TravelCommons: Mark Peacock has been in the podcast game since before it was a trend back in 2005 and in these 14 years has amassed an incredible archive of travel experiences, which can do a lot to teach you on how to approach business travel. This one is definitely on the more humorous, entertaining side with a lot of charming storytelling.

The Foundr Podcast: As you’re waiting at the airport for your next flight, why not hear the stories of success from the world of business. Currently at 269 episodes, the podcast sees host Nathan Clark interview some of the most successful people in business right now from moguls, founders and entrepreneurs to industry disruptors to discover their road to success.

The Growth Show: If you’ve ever wondered what makes a company successful, the host Meghan Keaney Anderson will give you all the answers as she sits down with CEOs and founders in search for that elusive concept of success. Episodes are not just about personal stories of success, but also touch upon what trends are shaping the world of business and what the current big thing is.

The StartUp Podcast: There is a lot that business owners can learn from startups and their specific struggles. Bringing you the raw, unfiltered reality of the startup world, this podcast dives deep into the guts of the life of an entrepreneur and has even transitioned into a TV show staring Zach Braff called Alex Inc. Host Alex Blumberg even documents the process of adapting the podcast into the show in a meta twist.

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcaster: If there’s one thing that a business owner can use more of it, it’s insight into marketing trends and strategies. Jason Miller holds conversations with current marketing professionals operating at the highest level to identify how marketing is changing both online and offline. Take out your notebooks, because there are many practical points to take to heart.