The Top 6 Things to Make You Travel to E-World Energy & Water

16 Nov 2021

We can’t realistically continue using fossil fuels as a society to continue running our economy. The writing is on the wall in a lot of ways and for the last twenty years, E-World Energy & Water has been leading the conversation about how we can switch from fossil fuels to greener alternatives and how we can responsibly use and conserve energy. The trade fair based in Essen, Germany is a generator for revolutionary ideas, groundbreaking technologies and collaborative projects.

Whether you attend as an exhibitor or a trade visitor, the first thing you’ll notice about E-World Energy & Water is its product portfolio. What’s important? Water networks, water supply and wastewater engineering – very important areas in the face of future water shortages. Then there are alternatives such as biogas, biomass, solar thermal and win power. Perhaps most vital are the technologies that will preserve power like smart grid technology and storage. You’re able to fully experience the entire world of green technologies under one roof and that’s something exciting.

E-World Energy & Water has proven its longevity and importance year after year. Organisers have shared the attendance numbers over the years and we can see a steady progressive rise in both the numbers of exhibitors and visitors. In 2020, there were 813 exhibitors and over 25,000 visitors from 76 countries. Now that’s something that should not be overlooked. The continued growth is a clear indication there are more valuable connections and sales leads to be found.

The next reason you ought to make E-World Energy & Water your go-to trade fair is the variety in trade visitors. Exhibitors can network with professionals from utility companies, service providers and consulting, industry, and research. As far as professional background, again you’re faced with every potential line of work. Civil servants and public employees rub shoulders with freelancers and independent consultants. Teachers and students are also numerous (we’ll touch on that a little later). But you’re definitely more interested in the visitors with buying power – CEOs, managers, directors and owners.

Are you the founder of a promising young startup? Then now is your chance to take full advantage of the Startup & Science Speed Dating Event, which has been running for four years now. It’s a highly successful format as it gives founders the opportunity to meet as many potential investors in a record short time. Each meeting lasts only eight minutes, which are used wisely to present the essence of the company and play with the emotional strings of investors and stakeholders. There’s been a lot of enthusiasm for the event and in 2020, there were over 1400 speed dates – most likely a promising beginning for not just one startup!

It’s not just about startup companies. If you’re new to the industry (perhaps fresh to the workforce or still pursuing your education), the Career Forum is your compass as to what possible career is in the cards for you. You get in touch with companies and have fantastic conversations. With the pandemic still limiting our capacity to meet in person, the Forum has gone digital and includes a digital job board with wonderful opportunities for those who want to break into the industry.

Although the trade fair provides exhibitors with a strong incentive to book their booth space, the true reason to attend E-World Energy & Water are the intellectual resources. The programming is one of the best in the world and leading the lineup is the E-world Congress. Its mission is to fully tackle current roadblocks to a cleaner energy future. Politicians, businesspeople and scientists find themselves in productive discussions. Last congress discussed topics such as Energy Trends, Smart Cities and Smart Energy, and current initiatives for green energy.