The Revolution in Medical Technology Begins at COMPAMED 2016

17 May 2016

Medical devices are once again experiencing a rapid growth and evolution as nanotechnology and microsystem technology rushes forward with achievements, solutions and breakthroughs. Come to Dusseldorf, Germany and witness the sophisticated designs and applications by 750 international exhibitors at COMPAMED 2016. The event has been scheduled late in the year with November 14th as the opener date and November 17th as the closing date. It’s a place not just to inform yourself about the latest innovations, but see the entire supply chain represented.

Attend the Highly Informative Forums
Given the intense growth in the supplier market of medical manufacturing, it’s no wonder the event has prepared for two incredibly informative forums to run for the entirety of the event. The program features qualified specialists and leading experts addressing the hottest topics, announcing trends, which will only solidify and reach across the world, and discussing new applications for everything from new materials and production technology to nanotechnology.

The Value of Networking Here
COMPAMED 2016 not only secures your spot ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest groundbreaking inventions but also serves as your chance to exchange experience. You’ll be exposed to the greatest minds in your industry with scientists, researchers and luminaries in conversation. It’s a valuable learning opportunity to add to your knowledge and level up your skills and abilities. Not to mention how crucial it is for attendees to establish connections and working relations.

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