The Refrigeration Industry Meets At Chillventa 2016

6 Aug 2015

The refrigeration, AC & Ventilation and heat pumps market has grown more diverse and larger than ever and this has never been more apparent than at CHILLVENTA 2016 – an impressive trade fair dedicated to technological innovation and excellence in the industry. A booth here levels the playing field and allows smaller companies to compete and evolve in these economic conditions. Missing out is not an option!

Learn Just How Far Technology Has Revolutionized the Industry
CHILLVENTA 2016 isn’t only a good platform to position your products on the market, but also shows you how the sectors are changing and gives you the knowledge to change with it –a key ingredient in what makes a company competitive and relative.

Some topics you’ll see talked about and explored in depth include energy efficiency and sustainability, intersections of individual trades, current advancements in the early stages of design and testing as well as profiles of already adaptable innovations. This is valuable information, you need to learn if you want to dominate your markets.

Participation numbers are also nothing to sneeze at. With close 1000 exhibitors and over 30,000 industry visitors – there’s plenty of business opportunities to go around, whether you seek immediate sales or attracting long-term partnership opportunities. The program allows a lot of networking interactions, especially if you book the right room close to the exhibition centre.

Speaking of Rooms, We Can Help You with the Hunt!
The room you stay in for CHILLVENTA 2016 will make all the difference when you try to break into new markets. You need a room close enough to the action so you’d run in industry leaders and professionals you want to woo, while it needs to be affordable enough to make a financial sense to rent. Go Fair ltd walks this thin line and can produce you a list with hotels and guesthouses that save you money, but open doors to communication during the event.