The One Reason You Must Attend IBC 2015

6 Jul 2015

Exhibitions and trade shows are a natural habitat for companies and businesspeople who want to succeed in their niche. The reason why you should register for IBC 2015, whether as guest or exhibitor, is just one and it’s simple – it will make you money. You get the industry giants, innovators and buyers representing the bright future of electronic media and the entertainment industry in one place. The prognosis for the latest exhibition – over 1700 exhibitors and over 55,000 trade visitors.

Do you not see the opportunity here? IBC 2015 makes it possible for everyone to shine with a program that makes you wish you could be in all places at once. First, you have the 14 themed areas showcasing the latest technological innovations, but that’s just the beginning. There’s the IBC Conference with talks from visionaries and thought-leaders, the invite-only Leader’s Summit and the IBC Awards, which celebrate the personalities and the organizations who are pushing the envelope.

You get to meet CEOs, engineers, success stories and start-up gurus, who can become your next customers and partners in no time. The event is geared towards collaboration and business with numerous matchmaking opportunities. Your attendance secures you easy access to valuable know-how, which only gives you a competitive edge; name recognition and network growth. Collect as many business cards, because once the event is over, the real work begins.

Go Fair ltd helps you make the right impression from the start. We have experience with business accommodation and we can find you affordable hotel rooms located close to the exhibition centre. This way you get to rub shoulders with the leaders in the field. Or you can choose the peaceful countryside. We will even arrange for a rent a car plan that meets your requirements and budget. All this in less than a full day’s work!