The Leader for Consumer Electronics, IFA BERLIN 2017, returns in September

4 Apr 2017

Gain a comprehensive insight into the state of innovation in the field of consumer electronics and home appliances at IFA BERLIN 2017. Senior representatives, industry leaders and the next generation of companies and experts are making their way to Berlin, Germany for a fun, dynamic event. Programming starts on September 1st and concludes on September 6th with an audience estimated to go over 240,000 professionals. More than 1800 exhibitors showcase in every category imaginable from home entertainment to 3D printing. With so much activity and buzz, this is the right venue to springboard into the limelight. Host a spectacular launch and generate impressive leads.

Become Informed with a Trade Visitor Guided Tour
IFA BERLIN 2017 is committed to spreading pertinent information regarding every sector, so you can learn all there is to know about a certain product category by signing up for a guided tour. The tour is free of charge and has the duration of two hours, within which you are taken to see the latest innovations and trends of your choice. Options are plenty ranging from 3D Scanning, Imaging, Action Cams, Wireless Speakers to Smart Living and Healthcare.

Benefit from a Comprehensive Support Program
While product launches and business negotiations are the main objectives for each exhibitor and visitor, there’s so much more to do at IFA BERLIN 2017. The support program features the IFA Congress, IFA Keynotes and IFA TecWatch Forum, which amidst panel discussions, presentations, speeches and demonstrations answer the question: What Comes Next?

Take the Steps to Plan Your Visit
The clock is ticking close to IFA BERLIN 2017, which leaves you with limited opportunity to get the best deals on your flights and accommodation. Go Fair ltd, however, can solve all your headaches tied with planning a business trip. All you have to do is tell us what budget you’re working with for the exhibition and we’ll tailor your stay accordingly and take a single day!