The innovative 'from cycling to mobility' Eurobike 2022

29 Jul 2022

Eurobike 2022 was the first edition held in Frankfurt am Main. It signified the beginning of a new stage for the leading bike industry trade fair. The event took place between 13.07.2022 and 17.07.2022. It was held in Frankfurt and Messe Frankfurt and exceeded the organiser's expectations. Eurobike 2022 featured 33,780 trade visitors and 27,370 bicycle enthusiasts. The audience further included over 1,500 exhibitors and 1,177 media representatives. The audience presented 105 countries. The exhibitors represented 59 countries from six continents. The media representatives travelled from 34 nations. The high participation rates reconfirmed the industry’s demand for in-person meetings.

Eurobike 2022 was held in a face-to-face format. The event took place in Messe Frankfurt and throughout Frankfurt am Main. The site did not have stringent Covid-19 safety precautions. This was due to the lifting of the domestic restrictions, which took place in April 2022. The country opted for such a change due to the improving pandemic situation. The venue did feature a continuously operating ventilation system and adjusted sanitation intervals.

Eurobike 2022 took place both at Messe Frankfurt and throughout Frankfurt am Main. The metropolis became the event ground for the Eurobike City programme. This helped to promote cycling and reach a broader audience. Many of the activities took place at Mainkai and Osthafenpark. The Mainkai featured information booths, presentations, workshops, and on-stage screenings. The Osthafenpark featured BMX bike shows. As part of the initiative, there were dedicated bike paths to Messe Frankfurt.

Further, promoting the initiative were the partners DB Connect and komoot. Via its “Call a Bike” programme, DB Connect enabled visitors to rent a bike via voucher codes. The partner platform komoot aided by organising special two-way lanes connecting the venue. They also set up a collection of tour routes that featured evening rides using gravel, tour, or road bikes. This allowed attendees to enjoy a pleasant and unwinding evening after a day at the fair. The organiser’s effort to ensure the comfort of e-bikers further promoted the initiative. For the task, they installed a charging hub that could serve up to 80 e-bikes at the central bicycle parking. This allowed users to charge their vehicles without the necessity of carrying chargers. Furthermore, the location also featured experienced staff. They aided users in securing their e-bikes to a professional bicycle stand.

Eurobike 2022 featured many prominent guests as part of its support schedule. This included international athletes, political figures, and mobility experts. They represented all aspects of the maxim “from cycling to mobility.” This comprised the role of the bicycle in all its forms in the transport revolution. The speakers included:

  • Dr Volker Wissing, the Federal Minister of Digital and Transport
  • Tarek Al-Wazir, the Hessian Minister of Economics, Energy and Transport
  • Janette Sadik-Khan, a leading mobility expert and author
  • Katja Diehl, a leading communications expert
  • Jens Deutschendorf, the State Secretary for Transport
  • Peter Feldmann, the First Mayor of Frankfurt

Sadik-Khan presented a keynote speech during the Eurobike Convention. They discussed how urban planning that is focused on people can be achieved by all stakeholders working as a group to reallocate the space. They also detailed the role cycling has in this regard.

The prominent guests also included leading sports athletes. One of them was the current FMB World Champion, Emil Johansson. They also featured Erik Fedko, the No.3 in the FMB Rankings. They also featured Sam Pilgrim, Tomas Lemoine, Thomas Genon, and Alejandro Bonafe. Furthermore, they featured Danny MacAskill and his international crew. They presented some expert tricks as part of their Drop and Roll Tour. The athlete guests also included Gary Fisher, the inventor of the mountain bike. Jonas Deichmann, the first person to circumnavigate the world in 430 days by cycling, swimming, and running, also attended. He presented his new book, “The Limit is Just Me.” He also showed his skills via two-hour gravel tours.

Eurobike 2022 also featured various other highlights. One of them was the Bike Biz Revolution – Conference for Visionaries. It was the meeting and networking platform for the most crucial players in the bicycle industry’s branches. It took place on 12.07.2022. Furthermore, it enabled them to discuss the latest changes and challenges. Example speakers included Christiane Varga, Ingo Kucz, Elsa Hormann, Frank Föge, Jule Bosch, Colja M. Dams, and Tyler Benedict. Among the subjects mentioned were:

  • The World Is Changing. What has changed, and how are we planning for the future?
  • The bicycle industry in 2042. What is the role of the sector in the employment and transportation transition?
  • The future scenarios of the bicycle industry – between independence and consolidation
  • Consumer Mobility and Technology – Current Trends in the Bicycle Industry
  • Ownership to Usage – New business practices need new infrastructure.
  • Business as a Form of Activism
  • Metaverse – The Digital and Blended Event of the Future
  • Why will NFTs and WEB3 alter the cycling landscape?

Another notable highlight of Eurobike 2022 was the Eurobike Convention. It took place in Hall 8 and focused on the theme of Future Mobility. It featured civil society, science, business, administration, and government representatives. The maxim of the Convention was “Designing the future of mobility.” The Eurobike Convention was distributed in three thematic areas. These were Planned Mobility, Business Mobility, and Integrated Mobility. They provided an optimal balance between searching for daring visions and practical solutions. The programme took place in three parallel stages at the Future Mobility Forum on 13.07.2022. The Convention discussed topics such as the bicycle's impact on future mobility. How cargo bikes can contribute to the industry's success was also one of the debated topics. The discussed subjects also included the meaning of new mobility beyond the e-bike. Each thematic block focused on a different type of topic:

  • Local mobility interfaces (Integrated Mobility)
  • Linking the different local mobility transport modes in the digital and physical environment
  • The means to improve networking to provide the promised mobility opportunities
  • The digitalisation and infrastructure details collaborative real-world labs must have.
  • Work mobility (Business Mobility)
  • The synergies between companies and municipalities that will improve corporate mobility sustainability
  • The infrastructure, services, culture, and communication issues that impede corporate mobility
  • Corporate mobility as a catalyst for change
  • Designing and planning the city of tomorrow (Planned Mobility)
  • The changes current infrastructures must undergo to convert cities into bicycle-friendly habitats.
  • Short-term rapid implementation and long-term transformation process planning and design approaches
  • The real-time collaborative city projects for the future

The Eurobike Convention featured presentations with topics such as:

  • 13 Mobility Transition Questions
  • Future-oriented design concepts for the bicycle country of the future
  • Corporate mobility as a potential source of synergy between businesses and localities
  • How might digital interfaces help to improve local mobility? Each with their app, or one app for everyone?
  • How can transformation procedures be accelerated and made simpler?
  • How can we revolutionise the way we commute to work?
  • Experiencing the city from the curb – Creating visually appealing spatial mobility interfaces

Eurobike 2022 featured a high concentration of innovations. These were presented via various highlight sub-events. Among the highlights that displayed the most innovations was the Start-Up Area. Many novel products and services focused on sustainability, digitalisation, and novel mobility concepts. Among the start-up companies that presented innovations was Hillstrike D.o.o. They combined several technologies with three short skies. These include downhill pedals with grip and suspension forks. Their novel Snowtrike also provides a new ski biking experience with its rear-mounted tilt technology. This allows bicycle technologies to be used to alter other industries.

Another start-up company that presented a high-interest innovation was Aero Sensor Ltd. They displayed high-precision sensors that track cyclist posture, air resistance and lap time. The data is then transferred to the bike’s computer and used to improve optimal aerodynamics. Imero GmbH also presented novel products and services. This included an innovation that provides physical products to receive a digital component. The company’s novel NFC chips achieve this. They can be installed in products such as bicycles and accessories. The digital content is creatable via the Imero platform. It includes the options for customers to offer spare parts or accessories. They can also conduct customer service or upload operating instructions or authenticity certificates. Revoltz Ltd presented their cargo e-trike Porto and a tri-wheel passenger transport O3. Both vehicles can travel over 100 kilometres using one battery charge.

Many leading and established companies also presented innovations during Eurobike 2022. This showed that the industry is quite active in promoting and improving mobility. Ortlieb was among the leading companies to display novel products. They showed waterproof bags that provide storage yet do not affect light-footedness or sporty handling. At the same time, the bags do not impact the bike’s light-footedness or sporty handling. This enables users to use their office bikes after finishing their workday. Other companies that presented innovations included Stevens, who displayed their Camino. This is a bike model with more lugs to add accessories. Rondo likewise displayed their new gravel bike Mylc. It features high adaptivity to off-road. Riese & Müller also presented a new bike model, the Packster 70. It is a two-wheel electric cargo bike with cable steering and comfortable headrests. Xtracycle likewise debuted three new long-tail models. They can accommodate up to three children in the rear via a protracted integrated deck.

Many exhibitors presented innovations before the beginning of Eurobike. They achieved this via the specialised pre-event press tour. Among them was Stromer with their ST7, a novel speed pedelec. It removes the difficulties related to range anxiety. SRAM also debuted innovations during the tour. This included the Flight Attendant, a suspension mountaineering biking system. Trelock likewise opted to present some innovations via the press tour. Examples included their Smart Screen Technology, which converts streets into project surfaces. These enable cyclists to have visual communication with other road users via projecting bike lights. Micro-mirrors control these lights, thus permitting projecting messages onto the road. Examples include distance marks, cycle symbols, video sequences, or warnings. This will help to promote safety on the road for both cyclists and other road users. For instance, they can increase awareness by warning about black ice. Having a versatile and easy-to-convert bike model can be invaluable. It is a goal achieved by Hase Bike via their Pino Cargo. It can be converted from a cargo bike into a tandem or city bike via several simple steps.

Innovations were also the focus of the Start-up and Innovation Day. It was linked to the Start-up Area. It was held on 14.07.2022. Furthermore, it served as a networking platform for various industry members. Such included start-ups, investors, product designers, developers, and others. During the sub-event, they discussed diverse topics. These ranged from developing new vehicle types to micromobility. Participants could learn about new business models, products, and target groups. They could also opt to network and expand their knowledge by engaging in workshops. Among the example presentations to take place were:

  • Advancing cycling via innovation
  • Life reimagined – the new cycling client and their drive
  • Customers that are new to cycling
  • New business models based on cycling
  • Data, Renting, and Digitisation
  • Product Development Challenges
  • HOLM & HUB31's Start-up-Talk
  • Young Researchers Forum
  • Design Thinking Workshop at VeloLAB

Another sub-event that lauded innovations was the Eurobike Innovators’ Prize. It granted recognition to wares that will promote the most development in the industry. The Pitch & Prize Ceremony took place on 14.07.2022. It featured an online audience publicly selecting winners from 15 nominations. The nominations were selected based on details, such as their disruptive potential. Each nominee would pitch their solution for 3 minutes. Attendees could afterwards vote online for the winners. The winners will receive extensive media attention via press releases. They will also receive free-of-charge booth space at the VELOBerlin 2023 Festival. They will also receive individual coaching from renowned industry experts. The winners of the Eurobike Innovators’ Prize were:

  • MAHLE X20 for their MAHLE X20 e-bike drive system in the “Components” category
  • Flash Bike for improving the bike workshop application process in the “Audience Award” category
  • Ryder Innovation/Omnico (Pyt) Ltd. for their Groove Tool Pro in the “Accessories” category
  • Schwalbe for their Schwalbe Recycling System in the “Service” category
  • Bike Cleaner B.V. for their BIke Cleaner plus in the “Infrastructure” category
  • Podbike AS for their Podbike FRIKAR in the category “Bicycles.”

Innovation was also among the focus topics of the Travel Talk. The bicycle tourism congress focused on making bicycle tourism mainstream through innovative projects. The sub-event took place on 15.07.2022. It featured participants such as tourism sector representatives and bicycle industry experts. They discussed topics like means to improve infrastructure and accessibility offers. They also debated the means to enhance regional player cooperation. Participants also discussed how can different target groups be developed for this type of tourism. The topics were summarised into the maxim “Out of the niche – into the mainstream.” The schedule featured formats such as impulse, panel, pitch, network, and workshop presentations. There were also various networking sessions. Example topics included:

  • New Bicycle Tourism Metrics and Mapping
  • Cycling tourism is being transformed
  • PITCH: Bicycle Tourism Innovations
  • Successful-Story-Telling
  • Digital Services and Products
  • New Routes – Cycle Tourism Infrastructure
  • Communication: daily life – holiday – bicycle trip
  • Health, Sport, and Event

Eurobike 2022 placed high emphasis on cargo bikes via several means. Among them was the dedicated Cargo Area located in the Future Mobility Hall. It featured 50 cargo bike manufacturers who presented new models. Another method of displaying cargo bikes was the City Changer Cargo Bike Project. They presented their latest results on organised cargo bike promotions in 15 partner cities. These included Lisbon, Gdynia, Cambridge, and Varna. Another highlight that concentrated on cargo bikes was the conference “From Niche to Mainstream.” The Cargo Bike Academy was also among the leading means of promoting cargo bikes. It featured a variety of topics, including four panels, keynotes, and roundtables:

  • Panel 1: Politics & Cargo bikes
  • Panel 2: The component question & Cargo bikes
  • Panel 3: Infrastructure & Cargo bikes: where to park?
  • Panel 4: Safety & Cargo bikes: the Draft EN standard
  • The CCCB project's influence – from specialised to mainstream
  • “North to South, East to West“
  • Revolution of the logistics and last-mile service sectors
  • Europe & cargo bikes
  • How to get one million more cargo bikes on our streets per year?
  • Urban logistics & cargo bikes
  • Cast iron rethought – nodular cast iron for freight bike frames
  • Cargo bikes are a crucial yet underappreciated mode of transportation.
  • Biking with a Child

The gravel bike was also presented through a variety of highlights, like the cargo bike. Among them was the presentation of the Gravel Talk. The sub-event occurred in Hall B2 and discussed diverse topics related to this type of bicycle. These included the e-gravel boom, road biking formats, and route planning. Example topics featured in the programme included:

  • Underground and UCI gravel race forms
  • Tourist industry – Infrastructure – Gravel: Converting – Expectations – Possibilities
  • Is there going to be an e-gravel boom?
  • The gravel bike: one bike with a thousand possibilities
  • Trends and innovations – bikes
  • Trends and innovations – accessories and components
  • Gravel bike(s) events, tours, and route planning

Innovations and bikes were also among the highlights of the Eurobike Academy. These were presented through the categories Digital & Technology, Trends & Change, Retail, and Marketing. The Academy was held between 13.07.2022 and 17.07.2022. Between 13.07.2022 and 15.07.2022, the sub-event presented topics aimed at trade visitors. Between 16.07.2022 and 17.07.2022, the Academy presented end-user-oriented subjects. Lectures, workshops, and seminars were part of the schedule. The Retail category focused on sustainable marketing growth strategies and tools. The Marketing category presented means for acquitting oneself with their customers. This includes the latest marketing tools as well as improvements. Trends & Change presented the latest developments in the industry. These included mobility, e-bikers, popular trends, and others. Digital & Technology presented the latest digital trends. Among them were leasing, sharing, subscription, intermodular transport concepts, micromobility, and others. Among the example topics featured in the programme were the subjects:

  • The e-bikes have been charged
  • CSR and Sustainability Breakfast: creating a sustainable bicycling industry
  • Plan or Die: An Introduction to Digital Media Planning
  • How to Extend the Life of an E-Bike Battery Without Reducing Range
  • Cycling competitions for businesses, municipalities, and tourism destinations
  • The 3 Channels to Success – Multichannel E-Commerce for Manufacturers and Brands
  • Using sensor data and best practices to create a safe cycling infrastructure
  • The next trend in electric bicycles
  • Liability in the event of an e-bike battery fire
  • Personalising bikes through digital solutions
  • European and North American e-bike evaluation and certification standards
  • The bike sector, trends, and laws determining the future of mobility

The Eurobike Digital Academy resembled in many aspects the Eurobike Academy. It presented digital marketing through a diverse schedule of topics. It was held on 15.07.2022 and discussed the latest trends and their application through subjects such as:

  • KED's brand and digital approach for reaching out to youthful target audiences
  • How effective and long-lasting is content marketing?
  • Reconsidering social media as a potential tool
  • Local media marketing on par with multinational brands
  • Web3 – an opportunity or an overstatement?
  • The digital bike industry and its current condition

Eurobike 2022 also featured many highlights that focused on critical industry aspects. Among them were e-mobility, retail, careers, media, e-sports, holidays, investments, and performance. These were addressed through means such as the dedicated Areas:

  • Service Area
  • Eurobike Blogger Base
  • Eurobike Investors Lounge

Each of the sub-event areas provided a focus on a specific aspect. They also allowed attendees to gain insight, examine wares and network. For instance, the Service Area allowed visitors to learn about bicycle product marketability. This includes merchandise management, logistics, digital sales, anti-theft security, insurance, and ergonomics consultation. A novel addition was the extensive schedule of expert talks. Among the highlight subjects were bicycle insurance, leasing, and IT solutions. The Eurobike Blogger Base was also among the highlight areas of the event. It encouraged the exchange of ideas between exhibitors, visitors, and the media. It also enabled participants to examine and learn about current trends.

The E-MOBILITÄT/E-MOBILITY area was incorporated in Hall 8. It featured the subdivisions:

  • Battery
  • Drive Technology
  • Sharing and Fleet-Management

Battery displayed the latest battery technology developments, such as weight reduction methods. Drive Technology presented the latest electric motors. Sharing and Fleet-management showed wares related to sharing, fleet management and connectivity. Such included apps, digital services, and others.

The Eurobike Investors Lounge was related to the E-mobility Area. It enabled investors and potential partners to network and broaden their knowledge. They could, for the task, attend one or more of the expert talks. They provided detailed insights into the latest market developments and trends. The presentations featured in the expert talk schedule included:

  • Market dynamics of E-Bikes and Bikes
  • E-Commerce, mobility, and digital services
  • Bike and e-bike research
  • Market developments in the bike/bike market

Among the highlights to focus on holidays was the sub-event Holiday On Bike. It took place between 16.07.2022 and 17.07.2022 in Hall 9 and the adjacent outdoor area. It enabled various exhibitors to display offers. They could present themselves in the hall and outdoor space for the task. The external zone was invaluable. This was due to its large LED video wall, which permitted presenting destinations, hotels, and travel offers.

Holiday on Bike was not the only sub-event to take place on the Festival Days. Many of the action-oriented competitive micro-events also took place between 16.07.2022 and 17.07.2022. Among them was the FMB (Freeride Mountain Bike) Slopestyle Gold Event. It provided the winner with a Wildcard for the Red Bull District Ride. The event began on Friday with the qualifying rounds. During the semi-final round, the MAXXIS Best Trick took place. Its winner was Miguel Guerrero from Spain, who impressed with a 360 tail-whip triple bar. Another competition sub-event to take place was the novel Eurobike Skyline Ride. Dawid Godziek won the event by claiming the gold with a score of over 95 points. The competitors showed their talent and skills on a 130-metre dirt course with four jumps and a hip feature.

The Bembel Crit Race was another distinguished completion to take place during the Festival Days. It was held on 16.07.2022 and featured six races. It comprised a circuit race with a fixed gear criterium (wheels with a rigid hub). Competitors had to close the lap in the least amount of time. A large cider stein was part of the award. The races were distributed into two categories. The race types were All-corners, licensed, and fixed. All-corners permitted participants who did not have a BDR race licence and were at least 16 to take part. The licensed races were for participants with such a licence. And Fixed were for competitors, which bikes feature a fixed gear and no brakes. The Cargobike EuroCup took place on 17.07.2022. It featured a competition during which competitors mounted on cargo bikes had to perform laps around a short sprint course. They also had to load or unload luggage at specific locations. The winner was selected based on who completed the laps in the least amount of time and with as minimal errors as possible.

Another notable sub-event to occur was the Drop & Roll Show. It featured a live performance by Danny MacAskill and his team. This included impressive balancing acts, drops, and flips. These were performed using ramps, an exercise ball, and a paling fence. The Show took place twice per day and was followed by a signing session. Similar in intent was the BMX Show & Workshop. It featured the CT BMX team, who presented spectacular tricks on an air cushion landing. The Show and workshop allowed visitors to learn BMX riding. They could use three different-sized rental bikes, beginner ramps and professional guidance.

Eurobike’s first Frankfurt edition exceeded the great expectations of organisers. It featured a high participation rate that surpassed the 2021 edition. This included 33,780 visitors and 27,370 enthusiasts from 105 different countries. A total of 1,177 media representatives from 34 nations also attended the event. So did over 1,500 exhibitors from 59 countries. Such rates surpassed the expectations of the organising committee. The 140,000 m2 of dedicated event space was occupied until the end of the event on 17.07.2022. This further reconfirmed the event’s importance along with the high visitor satisfaction marks. 93% of the attendees rated the 2022 edition as excellent.