The Fastest, Cutting-Edge Aircrafts Soar High at PARIS AIR SHOW 2017

7 Feb 2017

Humanity has been dreaming about conquering the skies since times immemorial and century into the aerospace era, we’ve gone higher and faster than ever before. Modern technology and sciences keep improving speed, stability, aerodynamics and safety and all these innovations, solutions and breakthroughs culminate in the exciting PARIS AIR SHOW 2017. Paris, France is feverishly preparing for the trade show, which will last for a full week between June 19th and June 25th. You have over 2300 exhibitors showcasing and demonstrating every kind of technology to an audience that includes 149,000 trade visitors and close to 300 delegates from all over the world.

PARIS AIR SHOW 2017 Gives an In-Depth Overview of the Entire Industry
Given the high attendance rate and a number of exhibitors, you can be certain that you will have access to every single product category imaginable. We’re talking, of course, of construction, assembly, sub-assemblies, space, spacecraft, satellite, telecommunications, aircraft engines as well as mechanical engineering, composite materials and aircraft interiors. Let’s not forget the flying display, where more than 150 aircraft take to the sky to showcase their capabilities to the delight of professionals and members of the general public alike.

Get Your Foothold in the Industry at the Jobs and Training Forum
Apart from the focus on technological advancement and doing business, PARIS AIR SHOW 2017 sets its sight on helping young professionals develop their career and answer the most vital question of all – Where to now? You have access to the Careers Plane, where you can get a better understanding of positions open in the industry, and the Jobs and Training Forum, where you can meet up with recruitment managers and training schools.

Plan Your Business Trip Early for Best Results
If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the aerospace sector, then you need to be at your best for PARIS AIR SHOW 2017. This means booking hotel rooms at the best rates for your budget and find a location where you’d have no trouble commuting to the event. Go Fair ltd does just that and we do it in a single day!