The 7 Reasons It’s Smart to Travel to Chillventa

2 Jun 2022

If you’re working in the HVAC industry in Europe, there’s no other trade show you need to have a booth at than Chillventa. It’s the premier trade event for the refrigeration sector and has grown to cover all related technologies such as heat pumps, AC & ventilation. The international event comes to Nuremberg, Germany every two years and showcases all the important innovations made in the industry to date. Each edition follows its own set of trends as a way to organise all its halls and support programme. In recent years, this has been energy efficiency!

The quality of exhibitors is undeniable, which brings trade visitors time and time again. Overall, you’ll see the latest products and equipment from brands such as INABA DENKI, Fergas, VEAB, CPS Products Europe, CLIMETAL and Baltimore Aircoil. Together they exemplify the entirety of the value chain. The product portfolio simply cannot be denied. The exhibition halls house the full range of cold rooms, cold stores for food, air space, connected systems, ambient heat, central air-conditioning, heat sources, refrigerators cells, renewable energy, sound insulation, special doors and MSR-technology/automation.

That’s what results in the high attendance numbers you regularly see at Chillventa. The last edition before the pandemic involved over 1000 international exhibitors from all over Europe and beyond. Together they serviced the needs of more than 35,000 trade visitors, who travelled from the USA, Italy, China, Turkey, Spain, France, the UK, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Just to name the few. Overall, organisers report that the process of internationalization continues to progress at a great rate. Patience rewards all exhibitors with better access to faraway markets. Around 60% of all trade visitors are foreign nationals.

Industry insiders, wholesalers, trade associations and educational institutions attend Chillventa in order to do business. The trade fair has no real rival when it comes to generating direct sales. It’s the perfect cross-border procurement platform. Exhibitors have low barriers to succeed. Organisers frequently report near perfect satisfaction rates. Nine out of ten exhibitors have expressed how important Chillventa is to reaching their target customers and are happy with how many contacts become business partners.

As an exhibitor, you have multiple tools to raise your brand’s profile and grow your network in a sustainable fashion. Do you happen to have a groundbreaking product or have perfected a process or technology? You can sign up to deliver a presentation in the specially designated zones where you can best explain what you do and grab the attention of investors. Another way to direct targeted visitors to your brand is to become a stop in the guided tours running alongside the main event. It is the perfect way to receive foot traffic that’s guaranteed to end in sales leads or potential hires as guide tours are also available for trainees and apprentices.

Chillventa CONGRESS investigates the intersection between business opportunities, megatrends and advancements in technology. The congress is the big headliner event, whose programme zones in on major trends affecting refrigeration technology, C&I/automation, insulating technology, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps, and the associated services for each of these segments. Climate change, automation and the effects of the pandemic are the great forces that shape up the industry as a whole and you’re able to meet with the best speakers in their respective fields.

Hear lectures on what’s ahead and the challenges towards transitioning from using fossil fuels to solar power. Aside from the purely informational aspects, speakers will give practical advice on how to best approach sustainability, indoor air quality, indirect cooling, achieving a circular economy, IT security and energy performance of refrigeration systems.