The 6 Things EuroTier Has to Offer Every Farmer in the World

7 Sep 2021

Every two years in Hannover, Germany, EuroTier introduces new technologies in farming and educates thousands in the agricultural industry. The international trade fair has the reputation as the biggest trade fair for livestock professionals and a world leader when it comes to information. EuroTier also benefits from its co-location with EnergyDecentral.

Editions amass large numbers of attendees. The last live edition had impressive participation rates – 155,000 international visitors from 130 countries and close to 2600 exhibitors operating in 63 countries. It’s not an exaggeration to say you have the entire world under one roof. Countries with strong numbers include the Netherlands, China, Russia, Poland, Spain, Austria, Ukraine, Italy, France, Turkey, Belgium. Then there are small delegations from as far away as Japan, South Korea, the UAE and the USA.

The reason EuroTier has grown to its current size and commands so much respect can be found in its product portfolio. The exhibition grounds are dedicated to every important technological and scientific product and solutions servicing the animal farming and agricultural sectors. Visitors are able to experience breeding programmes, reproduction technology, feed storage, animal housing, husbandry, feed, controlled environment technology, milking and cooling technology, transport vehicles and processing. All under one roof!

The audience that travels to EuroTier is quite varied. On one hand, there are those visitors who are looking for a way into the agricultural industry. Newcomers come to scout for opportunities and students come to research further education. The Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians of Germany hosts its highly respected congress here, so they make up a good portion. However, the majority are farmers and animal breeders working with pigs, sheep, cows, beef, poultry, horses and aquaculture.

What inspires innovations and promotes industry development are the two major awards that are given out at every EuroTier. Exhibitors involved in animal farming enter the Innovation Award EuroTier, which hands out two medals – gold and silver – to those who have made breakthroughs in a new process or a known process. In 2021, among the winners are the CowToilet by Hanskamp AgroTech BV and SELEGGT Circulus by respeggt GmbH. The other major award is the Animal Welfare Award, added for the first time in 2018 in partnership with the Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians. Entrants submit products that embody the spirit of animal welfare.

Speaking of innovation, EuroTier invests in the talent coming right up. The international trade fair takes care of startups and provides them with the right space and visibility. If you want to see who the new names in animal farming and husbandry are, you better check the DLG AgrifutureLab – an attractive place made for the future of the agricultural sector.

Business doesn’t just end with introducing buyers to sellers, but also extends to helping out young professionals to land on their feet and get their bearings in the sector no matter what level they are. The Campus & Career exhibition area introduces visitors to potential employers and fresh new opportunities for entry level positions and career growth. Technical colleges and universities are also present and aim to orient new students as to what education best serves their needs.

EuroTier has one of the most comprehensive educational and informative technical programmes in the world. It spans every major sector in the farming and agricultural industry and also focuses on the hottest trends. One such that is going to be at the heart of the 2022 edition is new alternative protein sources. The needs for protein foods are increasing, while standard animal farming is on the brink of collapse, which is where alternative proteins from algae and insects come in. Another important trend is the demands of ‘farm to table.’ Customers want to know where their food comes from and direct marketing for farms has risen in popularity.