Strategic Approach to Planning Your Stay for FRUIT LOGISTICA 2018

7 Jul 2017

It’s July – the middle of summer and you’re tempted to go on vacation, or at least relax a bit, if not go on vacation. More important things can wait for September, but we are here to tell you that now is the perfect moment to start planning a business trip. Especially, if the dates are set and you have more than half a year to act.

The reason why we give this advice is the simplest – your competitors are on vacation, hotel prices are low and more properties are available. You only have to choose wisely and you’ll have a strong foundation for a confident performance. You will also have more opportunity to focus on actually putting work towards your presentation as an exhibitor.

Let’s examine one major event that’s coming on the calendar – FRUIT LOGISTICA 2018.
As an international exhibition, it’s a strategic platform for organic producers of fruits, vegetables and plants to network and do business. As a matter of fact, it’s the biggest event for February in Berlin, Germany.

What do we mean by this? Exhibitors are most likely to be somewhere around 2700, while the audience is projected to reach an upwards of 65,000 visitors. All these people are going to be in a race to find the cheapest and closest accommodation. It’s in your interest to beat them in order to keep costs low and receive a fast return on investment.

When is FRUIT LOGISTICA 2018 taking place?
The grand opening is set for February 7th and the event continues for three full days with closing ceremonies scheduled on February 9th! February is far enough for you to benefit from low rates for hotel accommodation and flights, but not too far away to not know flight schedules and benefit from hotel promotions.

This is good. We want to keep our options open, because you’re going to tailor your stay to your goal at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2018. Are you going there in the capacity of an expert who will take the stage at Future Lab? Future Lab has a strong focus on new logistical concepts, constantly changing consumer behavior, new environmental trends. Perhaps you might want to enter your innovation as part of the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Awards 2018. Or even display and demonstrate your latest tool, technique or machinery at the Tech Stage? Tracking systems, cultivation techniques, post-harvest handling, processing technology and facilities, packaging technology and facilities, packaging and packing materials, large containers, pallets and logistics.

Once you know what business goals you have for the event, you’ll know what you need from your hotel accommodation and this is where Go Fair ltd comes in. We know all there is to get the best hotel deals in any town or city. Berlin is no exception.

We have numerous properties on our lists, which fit any travel preference. There is the quick commute on foot from a hotel that’s close to the exhibition centre – best suited for those who are planning to stay the whole three days, are deeply involved with the program or have some products and materials that they have to transport. Logistics mean everything in situations like these. This location is also the first idea that your competitors will think of (in late September or even November; long after you’ve made your reservations) and it’s crucial you remain one step ahead of the pack. This way you get better networking chances, too.