SILMO PARIS 2017: Where Optics Technology & Designer Eyewear Meet

11 Jul 2017

SILMO PARIS 2017 gives visitors the two sides of the same coin – eyewear. On one hand, it serves as a stage for established brands and designers to dictate the fashion for sunglasses and glasses. On the other, the international trade show reveals the latest scientific and technologic achievements in the field of ophthalmic lenses and optical equipment. As you’ve gathered by the name, the show is taking place in Paris, France at the start of October. Programming starts on October 6th and ends on October 9th.

You don’t know whether SILMO PARIS 2017 is a good fit for your business? Allow Go Fair ltd to profile the event for you:

SILMO PARIS 2017 Showcases Innovation in the Entire Value Chain
To make SILMO PARIS 2017 more manageable to industry insiders, manufacturers, brands and experts, organizers are breaking down the show into eleven sectors. We’re going to take a look a brief look: AB FAB LAB (focused on cutting-edge production of lenses and frames), LUXURY (jewellers, luxury brands and specialist makers of exclusive frames), THE VILLAGE (innovative designs), OPTICIAN'S EQUIPMENT (tools, cutting and measuring instruments, optometry equipment) and CONTACT LENSE (innovation in contact lenses) to name a few.

Let’s Not Forget the Scientific Forum
SILMO ACADEMY has only been growing in importance in the show’s program and it’s the place where opticians and vision specialists, in general, have the opportunity to discuss ideas and work on solutions to the current challenges in the vision and optics sectors. Analyses and scientific studies are going to be at the forefront.

Now Is the Time to Take Steps to Attend
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