Remain Updated on Breakthroughs in Biotechnology and Chemistry at ACHEMA 2018

15 Nov 2017

Biotechnology and chemistry professionals from all over the world have marked one important date in their calendars – that of ACHEMA 2018. The international exhibition is first when it comes to showcasing innovation and global trends in the field of chemistry and biotechnology. Currently, reports place participation of exhibitors at over 3800 – all showcasing cutting-edge solutions and applications of the latest research. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity to be among peers, grow your professional network and inform yourself about where your field has been heading for the past year. Proceedings are scheduled for the period June 11th – June 15th.

ACHEMA 2018 is the Architect of the Industry of Tomorrow
Business may be the immediate goal at the trade fair, but there’s also a great deal of thought being put into continuing emerging trends for efficiency and progress. The upcoming edition is placing value on three main topics. First, there’s Biotech for Chemistry, which follows the path from gene to process to product. Then, you have Flexible Production – dedicated to achieving faster cycles, working with smaller batches and on more specialised products. Finally, Chemical and Pharma Logistics that oversees the process of digitization of the logistics chain.

Access to a Comprehensive Support Program
ACHEMA 2018 is also home a reputable congress and forum. The Congress has built a varied rotation of speakers that are going to touch upon a rich diversity of topics – reaction technology, energy supply, analytics, process design and safety. ACHEMA PRAXISforums is oriented to more tangible subjects such as new products and services alongside industrial applications.

What’s Left to Do but Book Your Hotel Stay
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