ONS Proves to Be the Definitive Exhibition for Offshore Energy in 7 Ways

19 May 2022

The offshore and alternative energy industries change the conversation around power, how we get it, and how we think about it in the first place. Sustainability and a greener approach to energy generation and storage have always been the future and no other exhibition quite captures that than ONS, which has been active since 1974.

The Offshore Northern Seas (as it’s called) came to be because of the discovery of oil and gas in the North Sea. The exhibition initially serviced companies with business in the North Sea basin, but in its almost 50 years, ONS has transformed into a massive event of global relevance. It’s not just Nordic countries that attend. The event hosts the entirety of the European continent and this last decade saw a rise in numbers from Central and East Asia, and the Americas.

Buyers travel from the furthest corners of the world to Stavanger, Norway every two years to see the value chain of exploration technology, offshore technology, ship building, ship’s equipment, storage facilities and storage equipment. You can’t argue with the calibre of companies involved in ONS – INEOS Oil & Gas Norway, OMV Shell, Neptune Energy, Lotos, ExxonMobile, Petoro and BP.

Each ONS carries its own special theme and for 2022, the chosen theme is TRUST. ONS 2022 is a moment to reflect and reevaluate how far the exhibition has come since 1974. With uncertainties surrounding climate change and fast-paced technological innovations, you need someone reliable to guide you through. That’s where trust comes in. Not just for the industry, but in society as well. Nothing new and lasting gets built without the ability to trust each other, whether that’s person to person or organisation to community.

So what does trust look like for ONS? The 2022 edition exists as a melting pot. No borders. All of the industry is together under one roof. The exhibition has also set several chief goals – creating flexible work solutions, commitment to the energy transition and re-building global collaborations.

How is the theme reflected in the programme? Behold the debut of Net Zero Markets. Here it’s all about low-carbon and renewable energy companies and organisations. The special area dedicates itself to revolutionary technologies and research that’s picking up steam. Not only are you able to exchange valuable information, but the networking arena continuously generates buzz. The Net Zero Markets have five core components – solar energy, offshore wind, hydrogen, batteries and energy storage, and carbon capture and storage.

Many view the ONS Conference as a top tier venue to discuss everything concerning energy. Every edition manages to fly in renowned speakers, who are leaving their mark on the industry. These are ministers, managers, technical specialists and analysts with decades of experience and influence in the international arena. The conference should not be missed. Not when it comes to the topics being discussed at the plenary and parallel sessions – the energy markets, global politics, race to net zero, leadership, technology, finance and a just transition.

We can’t talk about energy transition and the future of the energy industry without coming to the future of the energy community. Who comes next into the industry matters a lot and ONS is very happy to give the next generation the space to network and debate. ONS Young invites students, who hope to make a career in energy, to get passionate about current trends and new horizons. It’s a dynamic place to network, share ideas and learn. Students have access to the Technical Sessions, Net Zero Markets, Centre Court and Scale-up arena.

For all these reasons, ONS remains a groundbreaking exhibition and conference. And will always continue to be a powerful force for change!