Nuremberg Toy Fair Impresses Visitors for 7 Exciting Reasons

3 Sep 2021

Every person with any experience in the toy, hobby and leisure industries recognize Nuremberg Toy Fair as a powerful platform for sales and market research. The annual trade fair is known by several other names such as the International Toy Fair and Spielwarenmesse in its native German. Today Spielwarenmesse sets trends and determines the trajectory of the toy sector. Whether you’re a trade visitor or an exhibitor, you’ll accomplish your professional goals, whether it’s to sell and launch products or expand your professional network, with ease. The trade fair is the leading trade fair on a global scale.

The Nuremberg Toy Fair has such a special place in the world of toys because of a comprehensive product portfolio, which cannot be duplicated anywhere else. All age categories are met – baby and infant, preschool, school kids, teenagers and adults. This means that the exhibition booths will showcase games, books, festive and trends articles, arts & crafts, sports and leisure, baby and infant articles, technical toys, education toys, model construction, hobbies, model railways, dolls & soft toys, wooden toys, school articles and stationery.

The numbers are reason enough to book an exhibition booth, because you’re bound to make your initial investment back in no time. The last physical edition was visited by more than 62,000 trade visitors originating from 136 countries. You’re guaranteed high foot traffic and solid diversity in country of origin. Booths belonged to 2843 exhibitors from 70 countries. Altogether 120,000 new products were launched among a sea of 1 million products.

This many products attract a rich, diverse audience of buyers. Toy brands can interact in peace with craft stores, department stores, toy sellers, booksellers, supermarkets, gift shops, playground outfitters, DIY shops and furniture shops. The markets are incredibly diverse and stretch to the Netherlands, China, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA, the UK, Austria and the Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico.

The Nuremberg Toy Fair is a trusted source of valuable information, which is sourced from the top experts in the industry. Every edition invites the biggest names working today to present their findings and experience at the Toy Business Forum. You gain access to a series of lectures that touch upon every single important topic – current market developments, the world of retail, toy development, marketing strategies. However, now you don’t need to wait for the Spielwarenmesse to roll around to get your hands on quality content.

The trade fair has launched a digital resource called the Toy Academy, which uploads well-crafted movies centered on specific experts and their personal experience. The lectures and films are always practice oriented above everything else. If you want to get the necessary tools to navigate the current market landscape, this is where you’d get them!

Regular trade visitors and exhibitors take advantage of all the resources the trade fair has to offer and one of them is The Spirit of Play magazine. Every important news for the toy industry will be published in its pages and issues are put out promptly every month. If you’re not the magazine type of person, then just subscribe to the Spielwarenmesse Newsletter for all the hottest news and announcements.

Another way to boost your visibility as an exhibitor, especially if you want to gain a reputation as an innovator, is to run for the ToyAward. An expert jury is selected each year to go through many submissions and award the best innovation with a golden medal. The awards are a good way to get a sense of what are the trends and novelties that make waves in professional circles. It’s important market research. The award is given based on the following criteria – play fun, originality, safety, workmanship and quality.