Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 Sets Trends In The Toy Industy

3 Aug 2015

NUREMBERG TOY FAIR 2016 returns for another year with a brand new line-up and fresh business opportunities for designers, manufacturers and suppliers involved in the dynamic toy industry. The trade fair attracts the most established brands looking to launch new lines and find future business partners. This should be incentive enough to pack your bags and head to Nuremberg, but if you’re not convinced, allow us to show you what you’re missing.

The Numbers Say It All
It’s normal to have reservation about business travel. After all, it’s a huge investment, an even bigger one when you’re just establishing yourself on the market, which is all the more vital to attend NUREMBERG TOY FAIR 2016. Organizers expect for more than 2800 exhibitors and over 70,000 visitors representing 120 countries and counting to make an appearance – this is a golden opportunity to gain recognition, expand your network and find lucrative commissions.

What makes NUREMBERG TOY FAIR 2016 so popular is its commitment to diversity in the toy industry as well as forward-thinking ideas in design and production taking centre stage. You will be able to see infant articles, lifestyle and trend products, school articles, stationery, outdoor, fireworks or carnival articles – all at the best possible rates. At the very least, this is a good place to conduct a market research and learn what sells and how you can push your own product lines. It’s a win-win situation through and through.

Now There’s Only One Thing Left to Do
You think the secret to a successful business trip is how well you perform at NUREMBERG TOY FAIR 2016, but actually, it starts much earlier – with your hotel room. Go Fair ltd makes sure you book a hotel, which doesn’t bleed you dry and positions you close to public transport and the event’s grounds. You need to be well-rested and commute without a rush to give your best at the fair. We offer you just that – at the lowest rates, you’ll find around.