Nuremberg 2018: The Exhibitions and Trade Fairs That Have Everyone Talking

4 Aug 2017

Are you surprised we’re back in Germany? Go Fair has been working closely with travellers in all sectors who have been making their business trips to Germany and we’ve developed close relationships with these cities. Our databases are filled with the largest international trade fairs – most of which take place in Germany – and right now we want to draw your attention to the city of Nuremberg.

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Play with the Best of Them at NUREMBERG TOY FAIR 2018
There’s a playful atmosphere, almost carnival-like, at NUREMBERG TOY FAIR 2018 (or the SPIELWARENMESSE 2018 in German) and it’s only natural. You have bright colours, flashing lights and electronic noises competing for attention as more than 2800 exhibitors display thousands of products. From interactive toys, educational materials and model trains to dolls, games and puzzles, the entire industry is represented for the short window at the end of January. Audience attendance is set at 72,000 visitors.

Enter a New World of Adventure at IWA OUTDOOR CLASSICS 2018
Early March marks the start of IWA OUTDOOR CLASSICS 2018: the international trade fair that encompasses the sports, hunting and outdoors sectors. The broad scope presents visitors with the opportunity to survey trends and technical developments across numerous product categories including outdoor equipment, functional clothing, equipment and accessories for hunting and shooting sports. The numbers are strong as always – 1400 exhibitors and more than 41,000 trade visitors. There are no better conditions to conduct business deals, research competitor behaviour and expanding your market reach.

SPS IPC DRIVES 2017: Technological Innovation for Electric Automation at Its Height
Later in the year, professionals in the electric automation sector can meet their peers, attend valuable and informative programming and discuss solutions to common problems at SPS IPC DRIVES 2017. Innovation has always been at the heart of this exhibition. Product representation is comprehensive. Exhibitors showcase and demonstrate their latest models of sensors, control technology, IPCs, drive systems, components, human-machine-interface devices and industrial communication and software. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce new technologies and fresh perspective to gain recognition and significance on the scene.

It’s a Wild, Wild World at INTERZOO 2018
Last on our list is this trade fair (INTERZOO 2018) scheduled for early May next year. Centring on pet food and supplies that are varied from conventional cute pets like dogs and cats to exotic pets and fish. As such as you have the participation from 1800 exhibitors and counting, while the audience is set to break over 40,000 visitors. Whether you service small animals, birds and rodents or horses and reptiles, you’ll find an eager, knowledgeable crowd looking out for the hottest new item on the market. Play your cards right and that can be you!

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