Norway Removes its Travel Restrictions - Marks a Positive Change for the Trade Fair Industry

7 Mar 2022

The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has affected many aspects of the trade fair industry. This includes events being postponed/cancelled because of the complications caused by Covid-19. Among the latest challenges posed by Omicron are the travel restrictions. Yet, this complication is dissipating. Norway marks the beginning of this change. This is due to the nation's travel bans being lifted! The cause for the removal is the decreasing infection rates and the nation’s combined efforts. Visitors to Norway will be no longer required to present 3G documents upon arrival! Yet, attendants should note that the venues may request such documents.

Covid-19 has been causing disruptions to the trade fair industry on a global scale. This includes complications caused by its latest variant strain, Omicron. Among the challenges posed by the new strain are the high infection rates. Because of this, all countries had to put in place travel restrictions. This was done to avoid the risk of cross-infection across the borders. As a result, many trade fairs had to be postponed or cancelled to ensure the safety of attendees. Yet, the situation is changing in a positive direction. The signifier for this change is Norway due to the country's combined efforts.

The country's government has lifted the travel bans! According to a spokesperson, the state body has reviewed the latest statistics. Based on these data, there has been a sharp decline in the country's infection rates. As a result, the government has deemed it safe to remove the restrictions. This will enable attendees to travel to the country without having to show 3G papers upon arrival! They also do not need to quarantine while waiting for negative test results! The government has additionally lifted the related regulations. These include trade fair attendees needing to maintain a social distance of 1 metre. This is quite positive news! This is due to the change showing that overcoming the pandemic through combined efforts is possible.

Yet, while the country has lifted its travel bans, attendees should note that each venue may require attendees to show 3G documents. This is due to the event centre’s safety plan or the regulations imposed by the local municipality. For instance, Trondheim Spektrum may require attendees to show 3G documents before entry. This can also apply to Stavanger Forum. Also, while such restrictions may no longer apply, attendees will be required to adhere to particular hygiene protocols. This includes attendants performing regular hand hygiene and following the sneezing/coughing etiquette. They can additionally opt for receiving vaccinations.

The lift of Norway's travel bans is positive news given the ongoing pandemic. It marks a change in a positive direction and shows that the global efforts to overcome COVID-19 will be successful. Yet, visitors to Norway should note that the regulations are subject to change.